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    Love to sleep *oink**oink*<br>Into R&B<br>Check out my website for more info
  1. Wendy, you look pretty in that dress!
  2. Thank you!!! Hi to you too! Believe it or not... It's free!!! When I bought it during Parkson Presale. Yeah have straight hair now 'cause personally think that curly hair is quite hard to take care in US & most of the time during winter I just tied my hair up. Thank you Agnes! I love that dress although a bit over-priced. Thank you, wintersnow. Hahaha... Fat liao ler!
  3. Missy Z

    BB Cream

    Girls, please refrain from selling/advertising the products too much... It's supposed to be a place to discuss about the cream. If you have good sellers/places to get the products from, just PM each other. Or, if you're selling the product, please post in the proper subforum. Thank you so much!
  4. I'm finally back! Here's a few photos of me dressing up while I didn't log in to this forum... Sexy French cuff shirt from Victoria Secret Vest bought in Sungai Wang Jeans from Tropicana Black tube from FCUK Tank from Abercrombie & Fitch Beige shorts from Forever21 Gray halter from Forever21 Jeans from USED Beige tent dress from some boutiques in Kuantan Peep toes from Carlo Rino Dior lovely medium tote Gray sweater from Abercrombie & Fitch Lace spaghetti Shorts from Aeropostale Flats from Viss Bag from Paul & Joe
  5. Purple long sleeves top in bohemian style from some boutique in Hartamas. Jeans from some shops in Sungai Wang Bag from Dior Suede Chocolate Cowgirl Boot from BearPaw Dark heather gray cable fur hoodie from American Eagle T-shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch Beige shorts from Forever21 Opaque tights from Hue White ballerina pumps from Viss Bag from Dior Silver hairband from Banana Republic String/Stones necklace (parents bought it for me, I *think*). Yellow shirt from Key Ng Knee length skirt from Forever21 Heels from Vincci Bag from Dior
  6. Hahaa I totally get it. I don't dress up for school over here. Thanks girl! Hahaha... Thank you so much. Thank you! It's just too bad it's not thick enough to wear during colder days.
  7. Yeah sometimes the stocks online and in the stores are different...
  8. The 2nd dress is only $24.80 before tax. The bag is $79.50 after tax! Quite cheap. Thanks amber! Thanks girl... I don't know if they are available in Malaysia. Maybe you should keep checking out the stores like more often. Hehe... Thanks. It's only $29.80 before tax. Erm I actually got it in US. I love that dress too. And guess what it's only $12.50 before tax!!! It's a steal! I'll do a SOTD with it soon.
  9. Thank you cynnz! Yeah... I'm trying to make use of what I have. Haha. Thank you girl! Thank you! Thanks yin!! Bobo!!! Hahaha finally you're posting too. I like the 1st style so much. I like how you tie your hair up and make you look so superstar with the hairstyle & outfit. Agnes, yours is very nice too! But it's such an irony. We started to dress up like this because the weather in Michigan now is getting warmer!! And yet you can't dress like that yet because the weather over there is not so cold yet. Isn't it funny?
  10. Thanks babesss for the compliments! I'll try to dress up more.
  11. My recent major shopping spree... White Guess bag Suntan lotion from Bath & Body Works Dresses from Forever 21 A skirt from Forever 21 as well
  12. I'll start this topic for the April this time! Cable vest from Ralph Lauren Long sleeves shirt from Hollister Denim mini skirt from WH Gray hoodie from American Eagle Opaque tights from Hue Black knee length boots from Kenneth Cole Reaction Bag from Dior Short necklace from Tiffany & Co. Long necklace from Thomas Sabo
  13. As far as I concern, I only saw Topshop selling those. Otherwise you could try asking those lingerie sections in department stores.
  14. Wow... thanks girls for all the compliments & comments. I don't know what to say already... Hehehe.
  15. Pink t-shirt from Ralph Lauren Faded denim mini skirt from WH Legging from Forever 21 Cowboy boots from Bear Paw White coat from GUESS Bag from Dior with Coach scarf
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