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  1. Hi Kay Kay, I feel you! I'm a 36D and I've always had trouble getting the correct sized bras too! However, after many years of survey here and there, I finally found a place where I can buy and buy bras, keeping them at home and wear them when I need them...... It's from Marks and Spencer, they have great choices and our bra sizes are easily available. One more thing, they're not expensive at all as what others may think. They always have promotions like RM129 for two, that kinda thing. For tube dresses, I will wear a strapless bra, also bought from Marks and Spencer, it has a silicone line around the cup to hold the boobies upright and won't sag even if you're dancing hard! So, why don't you head down to Marks and Spencer now and start shopping?!
  2. First of all, if you allow his friends to watch means you have no problem in other people watching it too. I would say, if you don't wanna live in fear like this, don't do it in the first place. He is just your bf, not even your husband, imagine if his phone got stolen one day, there is no way you can retrieve the video. Think wisely!
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