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  1. i dont know what to say too ! i guess you need a place to tell your pains. So this is the right place. i agree with berlyn , you re one gentleman !
  2. i thought stam bag is from Marc Jacobs? not Marc by Marc Jacobs which is a chepaer range. Stam bag is really beautiful and in fact is their signature bag. I love both brands though.
  3. I tried their chocolate drinks and one bar of rasperry dark chocolate, well , i can say that i am quite dissapointed .
  4. adam, you always have so many complaints on a relationship, so what had happened to you now?
  5. shld be ard RM 1300 plus minus
  6. Cambon is their permanent item, they have it in black and beige. I think cambon is suitable for younger ladies . Price for a small one is about RM4k plus, but please bear in mind there will be another price increase soon.
  7. You cannot get watercolor anymore, becuase they are all sold out and they are limited edition. For your info, the watercolor speedy was sold at RM4800 in Malaysia Mono or damier speedy will suit you too , or if you would like , try denim speedy !
  8. Yes now they have since last year (or 2 years ago?) closed down the boutique in Avenue K.
  9. I love your bag too. ! are they calf or lamb skin? Is it cheaper in Paris or in US?
  10. but i really love your bag! it is so classy and a beauty....
  11. I heard about this restaurant, but never been there. It is very famous in Taiwan, PPL said if you go to taiwan and never visit this restuarant, you cannot claim that you have been to taiwan. HAHA
  12. Gucci sales started yesterday (3 June 08) . Some of the items are at 30 % discount.
  13. Celine bag is beautiful. I think price is above RM3k.
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