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  1. Boring Saturday night!

  2. Any Chinese New Year mood? Not really -.-

  3. My daddy and mommy super naughty keep on checking my Facebook post! Dad mom, I know you are reading this! Haha =D

  4. Omg! Who called me from Paris???

  5. Aiks... Suddenly feel so hungry!! Thinking of detox so whole day only had fruits, veges, and milk.. All vegetarian -.- Should I walk outside Mamak shop eat something now?

  6. Is time to wake up from my negative thoughts and continue to overcome my problems!

  7. I'm so envy those people with single eye lid

  8.        is a place where you can stay gorgeous and trendy while everyone can afford to have our fashion stuffs at very affordable and reasonable price.       Coming soon: Clothing & fashion accessories!  
  9. Lunch time! I'm home!! and I'm gonna take a nap after meal

  10. Tomorrow onwards, gonna everyday eat oats!!

  11. Good morning Sunday!!! :)

  12. I'm at The Mines Book Fair.. but once I paid the entrance fee and entered only I realized all the books in Chinese! I'm banana oh gosh

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