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  1. [quote name='EveEve90' timestamp='1252746811' post='570405'] Currently finding classes for belly dancing too. Any babes can provide me infos? Prefer areas such as Sunway/Subang/PJ/Hartamas/Wangsa Maju... Thanks [img]style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img] Oh ya, is it true that belly dancing will make our hip bones to be broad??? [/quote] You can check out Dance Pot at Setapak, KL which is nearby Wangsa Maju and also accessible from PJ/Hartamas via DUKE highway. They have belly dance class every Monday 8pm. You can check out their location, schedule and fee details from their website at or their Facebook page at too
  2. You can also check out Dance Pot at Setapak, KL. Accessible from Mont Kiara or Hartamas especially by using DUKE highway. It's only 30 mins away even during peak jam hours. They have Adult Ballet for beginners every Monday 9pm at the moment. You can check out their website at or their facebook at for their other classes as well
  3. [quote name='musiclover85' timestamp='1193031578' post='458667'] i want to learn dancing....any dance studios around wangsa/setapak/ampang areas or at least kl area???????????????? [/quote] Might be a little late to reply this but better than never. Just opened my own dance school at Setapak area, next to Columbia Hospital, behind PV128 (Plaza Mondrian). It's called Dance Pot. You can check out at our FB - I'm teaching Ballet and I have immediate teachers for Yoga, Yogilates, DanceFit, Hip-Hop, Latin, and more coming up hopefully
  4. aiks my advice, better start with one first rather than a pair... it depends on how big is the will have some smell but it also depends on how frequent u change its litter tray...the best is to change like once every 3 days... also, you might want to have one that is less furry so it does not shed too much fur since it is kept indoor in a room... they're okay with cold temperature but preferably not under extreme change of temperature... the cost varies to about RM 30-50/month and its alot of commitments...
  5. isn't it normal for everyone to overwork in malaysia? how sad but if u can stand the pressure, u can go anywhere with that working attitude just gotta manage them and finish the easier ones first so that they don't pile up
  6. I think to have twinning programmes involve alot of rules and regulations. Both parties got to make sure that their syllabus are on par, qualified lecturers, etc. But I thought a 1+2 program shouldn't have any problem? You can just apply with UCAS to any top unis in UK and wait for their replies. Certain unis are easier to get through while some like Imperial College requires all distinction/As for every subjects before they accept you, etc. I'm not sure you've heard this, some rich people tend to pay their way to certain unis in UK (low rank) as it is easier to pass there. At the end of the day, they get their degree from UK but nobody cares what was the ranking of their uni. Well different universities have different standards. My uni was within the top5 range in UK and trust me, it is not any easier to pass at all. The environment is so competitive compared to my other friends studying in other unis in UK or the states. I guess it has got to do with the Unis, lecturers, students and the individual itself. It's best to do some research around by talking to other UK grads ppl especially in the law faculty to get their thoughts on this. And yup CLP in Malaysia is meant to be hard and they do have their story behind it And if anyone that can pass it, they'll be highly sought after.
  7. Well of course twinning programmes are more expensive and they're usually a 1+2 or a 2+1 type. Which means 1 year local with uni's local twinning partner + 2 years abroad at the uni or vice versa. External would probably means all 3 years can be done locally with the uni's local partner. I don't think twinning programmes are any easier than external ones, if it is a good Uni, sometimes it could be even harder to study abroad. UK uni's are unlike local ones and no spoon feed, no tips, no nothing. Alot of things you gotta consider as well, such as language barrier, weather, etc. etc. that might affect your study abroad. Therefore, I don't think twinning programmes are any easier than local ones. But what you paid for is priceless - the exposure to other country's culture, see the world, etc.
  8. AHHH !!! I miss them !!! and they have names ! hehe Yeah they're very smart and since young they already do know where to go for toilet...but all this might change a little when they hit maturity... During that time u might want to consider neutering/spaying them. Somehow, they'll be better after that process.
  9. weird this year i don't find shanghai mooncake from tai thong eh the durian flavor from tai thong nice ka? wanted to buy few days back but sold out just curious whether will it taste as good as some durian cakes
  10. there are alot of bad rumors about her not sure how true cuz most of them said that she's actually quite snobbish... i've heard over MY FM whereby one of the DJ said that while he was interviewing her on air, she was like not paying attention to him at all and filing her nails at the same time
  11. it's the time of the year again ! any nice special mooncakes to recommend ??? pls upload pictures ya !! i don't know what other special mooncakes apart those from tai thong i've tried haagen dazs before and its goood !! not to mention pricey
  12. watching moonlight resonance (heart of greed 2) excellent ! probably gonna win an award for best tvb series this year just like the previous Heart of Greed ...
  13. many types of rabbits ah !! i don't have a garden too but i let them out to run around my room few hours every day for exercise maintenance = clean their litters, feed them, pet them, play with them. no injections needed unless they're infected with some skin diseases like mange, etc. aiks, sold out jor those baby bunnies. new batch coming soon ! u can subscribe for the mailing list to keep updated when the new babies arrive ! hehe... discounts? very cheap already wo...but we can negotiate to certain terms since we don't plan to earn money from selling them anyway, just want to bring happiness and joy of having rabbits as pets how many ah? uncontrolled breeding can be reallly alot and scarry
  14. momo still got? aiks i thought closed down di? hmm must be wrong info from some websites
  15. yes i do only if the price is reasonable. if they're too expensive then i might as well buy outside unless they're very exclusive