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  1. WEL

    Travelling to Hong Kong

    HI Alzier, the air asia only fly to macau right? I know that to travel from macau to HK takes 1.3 hours by ferry...would i tbe very inconvenient? I am planning to travel to HK too..so still thinking whether should take air aisa or by cathay pacific. By the way, thanks for the songs recommendation yeah
  2. WEL


    Hey Gals, I just want to check how great you guys think of SK II products...Please give the comments, and how good or bad you think about it.. I am SK II user also, and i am using the Essence and their whitening range products. I can't really see a big difference yet... So please share your opinion and experience....
  3. Dear Gals, I am searching for love songs, romantic suitable to play on my wedding day.. Please give me recommendation..songs for the ceremony (when the bride and groom walk in) songs for the video (childhood), songs for the wedding picture video, song for cutting cake ceremony... Thanks babe
  4. Why you choose New Zealand but not Australia? I came back from Australia, a lot of international students from all over the world. Nice country to stay..and world wide recognised education.
  5. WEL

    When is GUCCI Sale??

    How was the Gucci Sale? Anyone went, bought something? Im looking for a bag,..for work, because i soak by Gucci bag, and spoilt the bag Want to get a new one now..either Gucci or coach. Coach having sales now?
  6. WEL


    Hi Everyone, I am SK 11 User as well, for almost a year. I am using the Cleanser, toner, Essence, Whitening mosturiser, advanced sign treatment...but i really can't see any improvement with my skin. I am age 25, and i am choosing SK11 because i thought it can make my skin color not so dull, as they said the essence can bring to bright, flawless skin...but i really cannnot see any result. My dark circle still as obvious. That's why i am thinking to switch to other brand. Any opinion? Am thinking Loccitaine? IS it good? expensive than SK11? What about Dior? Or toher better recommendation?
  7. Anyone try their Eye Cream?? Effective for dark circle and puffiness? Their products more expensive than SK11?? I am currently using SKii...for almost 6 months...i cannot see any results at all.
  8. What Is fair & Lovely? Where to get it??
  9. Anyone?? I want to know when is GUcci sale?/
  10. WEL


    Actually, liquid foundation better or 2 waycake/compact powder better?? I realised compact powder hardly to cover all the pores, i have dull skin color. So i reckon still liquid foundation better yeah?? Anyone....Liquid high SPF and with wthitening effect???
  11. Hey veron, Forgot to tell you, if you already got your PR, you can study just 1 year to become qualified hairdresser. During this one year, you also need to go for work training. The fees for 1 year is about $12,500. Cool...Hear from you again
  12. WEL


    Hi, I am looking for Make up foundation with high SPF, i watch the taiwan make up prgram, they introduced some foundation, without applying the sun block or base, because the foundation itself with high spf. So for OL staying in office, they can buy the foundation with high SPF with whitening effect. Any recommendation, galsss?
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