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  1. Hi everyone! Im currently doing my first year, 2nd sem in Bachelor's of Business (Marketing). Question is, I want to transfer to an overseas university for my 2nd and final year. Can anyone recommend me good uni's that offer marketing, probably in Australia, US or UK? Currently i'm thinking of Uni. of Sydney, NYU, or Middlesex Uni. in UK. But i'm not too sure about Middlesex, so if anyone here studied/is currently studying in Middlesex, do elaborate on how things are there? Suggestions, anyone?
  2. Hi everyone, what are the best fashion schools that offer fashion marketing/merchandising in the world? Please share
  3. c-loewe - Ooh I saw those on sale on Ebay! Wanted to get em tooo cos they're amazing! But shipment fro US is expensive for MAS so I might just not get em. Good luck finding them!
  4. omg the ones sold in Gossips are SOLD OUT!!! I am still on the hunt to find gladiator sandalssss. SOBS.
  5. Aster - Good luck! But what do you think. Yoga, Pilates, gym? I don't want to build muscle, just tone up. Hmmm.
  6. aster - Er when not then cant see I should go tone my butt then. HAHA. =p
  7. Hey girls, I was wondering right, when i "tighten" my butt, i can see like... um.. abit dimple and the area atthe bottom of my butt is not "smooth" la u kno. Issat cellulite? Or is it just cos my butt isnt toned and I shud start exercising n toning my butt?
  8. Hi so ive changed my flight and everythings fine! THe only thing is im going this SUnday so i have to decide wht to pack now! Anyone stayng in SYdney able to tell me the best things to wear there ? Lol im in a crisis and i needs to know before i bring my whole closet there! Im staying there for two weeks.! Many thanks
  9. hehe thanks! Will call MAS later. And omg I hope my bag wont be overweight =s
  10. thank you both so its best if i do declare those maggi n stuff la..?
  11. Hi girls, i'm going to Sydney on the 10th of April and there are a few things i'd like to ask.. Firstly, I booked my flight online for MAS airlines, and already payed and all and confirmed the flight. But I wish to extend my stay there for another 2 or 3 days. Can I do that?? How and are there any charges or conditions? 2ndly, my friend asked me to bring over dvds (those pirated ones) so am I allowed to do tht? Any special ways? 3rd. Those foodstuff like maggi n all can bring over and noneed to declare, rite? Do tell. I'm quite nervous about all this =s
  12. trixie_

    clubbing tops

    liyencutie - really? I assumed they dressed up even more than us here in Malaysia
  13. trixie_

    clubbing tops

    Can you girls in Aussie (Sydney especially) tell me how the girls there dress when they go clubbing? Im going Sydney soon to see my boyfriend and were planning to go clubbing and stuff.. so I was wondering how do the girls dress there? I dont wana be underdressed !!!
  14. trixie_


    dont u guys use stila's gel eyeliner? The smudge pots? Theyre pretty good too I hate using eyeliner that easily smudges like Elianto's eyeliners. I just wear and go college the thing would smudge and i'll look horrible! But then now I use Stila's smudge pots and when I went clubbing that day it didnt smudge either =D Unless you make it smudge cause they are called smudge pots
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