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  1. It is okay with u? What is the benefits of the product? Or can it fits to all skin type? I do have pimple scars, blackhead and have a lots of wrinkles even i am just 28 y/o 😢
  2. huaaaa thts so niceeeee, thanks for the info! do they use the same tech as Dyson? I wonder bcs dyson's one is so expensive, so maybe they both use this type of tech yeahhh my scalp memang pernah too dry till it bled abit 😅 i'm really tryna just find ways to take better care of my hair, thanks for the suggestion!
  3. yeah it does, not just the device cepat panas but the heat from the hair dryer mcm tinggi sgt I think so it damages my hair.. yeah I am thinking of buying new ones huhu cz its really not convenient for me when I wanna quickly run for errands aaa sounds niceeee, where did u bought urs??? never heard of tht tech before
  4. yeah I agree hehe but sometimes I don't dry my hair fully, terus pakai my tudung bcs im late for something 🤧 bad habit huhu but I don't like wearing hair dryer so much, it makes my hair lagi rosakkk i also wear my shawl loose now sometimes i don't use pin 😝🤭
  5. uu that's a great tip...but I do wear soft shawls tho, I used to wear those thick pashminas bcs it was trendy back then but now not anymore la 😂 msia too hot now also...cepat berpeluh
  6. Hi girls, for those who are hijabis and wearing tudung like me...how do u take care of your hair? bcs i notice that my hair is dryer now and has alot of split ends ever since i wear tudung..during high school when i was freehair, it was just straight and smooth.. i miss having my old hair back 😕
  7. omg,this is just what I need..why la I never heard abt this before,my hair dryer is so basic lol I should hv done more research yeah it does...my hair darn dry and my face is scaly and flaky im so RIMASSS urghhhh almost wanna give up already but I think i'll just hv to save money to buy better products
  8. oh really, ive never heard of a hair dryer that has water particles in it 😮 …. what hair dryer is that??
  9. the weather is hot, but idk..non of my friends have scaly dandruff skin on the forhead except for me tho thanks! I already went to the dr and he told me its psoriasis... he gave me a cream to relief but its still super itchy and scaly urgh I just want it to go away idk but I did notice that it got worse after I use my hair dryer... but I like drying my hair cz im too lazy to wait for it to dry off by itself i'm using a lot of moisturizer on that scaly area atm but I always feel like its not enough 🤣 like it would feel damp for around 1 hour then after that it feels dry again
  10. aaa oke will do. kinda scared to go to the doctor then it would be expensive huhu
  11. oohhh I see.. it could be psoriasis too right? bcs I googled and got confused over the two..its kind of similar, dandruff and flake forming on your forehead area hm my face is dry, but I don't think my condition is normal..bcs its so weird that the dryness is flaky like it followed from my scalp, and its not the dry facial skin type of dry. its flaky, like dandruff flakes I feel shy going out bcs of it 😕 I used moisturizer but it doesnt do anything tbh
  12. Does anyone else have this condition where their dandruff spreads slowly to their face, around the forehead area... and when you scratch it, it comes out like dandruff flake.. is this normal?
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