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  1. If you're into Indie romances that don't neccesarily have happy endings, (realistic toned) then here are a few of my suggestions:- 1) Comet (its about a relationship, where throughout the movie shows stages of their rship without following the exact timeline) 2) Band Aid (a married couple going through a rough patch forming a band together) 3) Celeste & Jesse Forever (watch it and it will wreck you)
  2. Great info, will surely try it out and possibly give an update on the results 😌
  3. I tried a few brands before, because I wanted to lighten my skin tone (not become neccessarily like korean fair, but lighter to match my body's tone). So far, i used to try babies blink (a local product, and only after using it i knew that it contains mercury, yikes) so i stopped using it. It did however, brighten my complexion abit and the people around me noted that i look brighter and glowy.. I even noticed it myself. Not the tone I was aiming for, but it did something. Then i stopped, after finding out that ppl said it has mercury in it (idk if its indeed true, i didnt bother researching abt it more) I tried a few other skincare brands with vit c like some by mi, (which stung my face so i threw it away) and also the ordinary products with alpha arbutin, and another one is the pure vit c (the lowest concentration, bcs my skin is very sensitive and dry so i dont want to risk using high ones.) in all honestly, i didnt see much difference but i guess it just maintained my face The thing abt skincare is, you have to try and error alot of products and wait for a few weeks/months to see the result.. Its like a gamble, bcs if you buy expensive ones, theres no guarantee it will work out for your skin. Ive also tried collagen drinks like Kcolly and Kitsui BB, but i dont think it gave me any noticeable affect. Maybe bcs i used each of them for only 1 month.. I have come to the stage in my life where im starting to appreciate how I look, and how my skin looks, even if there are times where i preferred it to look abit different. Self love comes a long way If anyone has recommendations from the drugstore like watsons, guardian or sasa that do give them a very obvious affect (and most importantly, SAFE!) Do recommend
  4. Which one is safer? Brazilian wax or IPL? I know that IPL gives you lesser hair growth after few sessions, and more expensive but im kinda worried abt the side effects
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