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  1. Hi all, just want to ask how to keep your clothes quality for a long time. I guess this is only applicable to expensive clothes right? Because when I buy my clothes from cheap retail store, 2 months the fabric already loosen, and the color is not as vibrant anymore.
  2. panasonic is very good electronics brand to use. i have a lot of their products and it's very satisfying. plus their new washer cleaning is very gentle especially for baby clothes
  3. it looks expensive but it's actually affordable especially for new couples. and its fast too when washing so i think it's worth buying
  4. what kind of washing machine that u wanted to suggest. because I also still looking for it to put in my new apartment
  5. Helo, It happens to me too and it's because of the motors in the washing machine. and u should call the repairman. but if it happens again u should get a new one
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