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  1. woww really? I'm going to look for it now! can't wait to get a new washing machinešŸ¤©
  2. that was really high tech tho.. I heard about some unique features called Blue Ag? and also StainsMaster ? what is it?
  3. really? I heard alot of my aunties recommended this brand too.. because mine washing machine already broken XD is it inverter?
  4. well..you can either wash by hands or washing machine, but I would more suggest you to wash using washing machine.. much more hygiene.. of course you need to find the right washing machines with better functions
  5. Hi all, I have problem with my washing machine where it suddenly goes of while spinning, how do u guys actually deal with this? How do i find repairman for my broken washing machine. Thought on buying a new one already.
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