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  1. Hello there, Do emergency electronics recycling cost extra? We have some old electronics items with us to recycle. Which is the best recycling service provider in Canada? I heard about Recycle My Electronics in Toronto. Will they charge extra than their normal rates? Please help me with this.
  2. Hey everyone, can someone recommend me a window store in Toronto? I am looking for bay and bow windows. My neighbor suggests a residential window installation company in Toronto. Anyone here has any prior experience with them? What about their service? Do they offer any warranty on their products?
  3. Hello everyone. We just bought a house and purchased furniture from Surplus freight furniture. Now we are trying to decide how to layout furniture in our family room area. The house we bought has a very unique set-up and has a pretty open floor plan. We really want to do a sectional of some sort, because we love a good comfy couch with probably a skinny sofa table right behind it- towards the kitchen. Any ideas? Please share.
  4. Hi everybody, It's been 8 years since we got married and we don't have a child. Life is dull without kids and we have been experiencing this for a long time. We got a mutual decision to adopt a baby. So we are looking for a lawyer to discuss the adoption formalities. Does anybody know any good lawyers in Hamilton? A friend of mine suggested this family lawyer in Hamilton. Have you heard about them? Please leave some suggestions. Thank you!
  5. Hello everyone, Myself Amelia and I'm new to the forum. I hope you all are safe and healthy!
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