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  1. Recently i started a new hobby ie. DIY my own skincare and shampoo. Never expected it was so interesting and benefiting, knowing that it is safe to use for myself and my kids. Even sold some to my 'not so close' friends. haha. Did a lot of research as to quality and prices offered from all websites and other sources. Finally ended with Green Herbology's natural ingredients for skincare. they even have melt and pour soap bases. all reasonably prices and of top quality. Worth the value for such good products. bought a number of items such as liquid soap base, gel base, cream base, essential oils, preservatives, fragrances, extracts, plants/herbs powder. Wow! was so excited and started DIY myself making serums, night creams, body lotions, shampoos, body shower gels, face masks, etc have been using these since then and my skin I should say is very hydrating, soft, wrinkles are not easily visible anymore. Compared with prices of other skincare products at the cosmetic counters are expensive could be due to import charges, packaging and advertising. Using these natural ingredients and DIY yourself for self use can help you save tons of money with the same benefits. BTW Green Herbology is available at their own website, shopee and lazada. Do give it a try. GOOD EXPERIENCES WITH BENEFITS SHOULD BE SHARED ........................................... Sandy
  2. I have tried making my own soap using melt and pour type, easy to DIY and SLS and SLES free, so its so safe on the skin. I have been using it for 2 years, very hydrating and moisturizing. Used to get from Green Herbology, as theirs are good quality and reasonably priced. Should try.
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