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  1. I am not using anyone from your list but heard a lot about Lakme K.Therapy Active Prevention Shampoo that it works amazing in improving the texture of hairs and is also ideal for fine and thin hair.
  2. L'Oreal EverPure conditioner and shampoo is my favorite and I have been using this for several years. They both do a great job of shampooing and conditioning for my hair.
  3. Yes, I tried this method on my hairs. I have very dry hair and one of my friend recommend me this method. it really works good and helps me a lot in removing oils, dandruff from my hairs and make hairs silky but it is not necessary that it works good for all cases.
  4. I would like to suggest Apply a mixture of lemon and olive oil to your eyelashes at night and then wash in the morning. This tactics is very useful in growing eyelashes speedly than using eyelashes serum. Also, this is the best natural way to grow eyelashes.
  5. Yes, Amway Protein Powder is really good no-no I can say it is the best in this class that is not only organic but also best among all the products of protein powder available in the market. It is the best supplement to build muscles faster by getting all essential amino acids in its pure form which are best for our body and to keep us fit and healthy as well.
  6. Yes, it’s possible. Even these are available readymade these days.
  7. Hey, Primarily eat a fat burning foods is a good natural way to reduce weight. In spite of this, I am going to share some tips which definitely helps you in losing weight which are as follows: 1. Drink water as much as possible upto 6 litres a day, 2. Do Cardio 30 Minutes a Day if possible in the morning that is quite good. 3. Drink Coffee an Hour Before Working Out. 4. Perform Yoga under proper guidance from trainer. 5. Sleep 30 Minutes More a Night. All these tips if you follow only for 1 month strictly then definitely you will get results.
  8. Olay is a good skincare brand that offers variety of products for acne prone skin. The prices are also affordable on this site.
  9. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Curler is so popular these days and it is my first choice also if I want to buy. This is perfect for everyday use and your hair will stay perfectly in place for up to 24 hours after using this.
  10. Both are popular brands of hair straightener but if I talk about myself particularly I must say I was used to GHD straightener most of the time one year back but then I change my hair cut to small pixie haircut. So now I am not using this now. But I must say here that it GHD straightener was a fantastic one due to its unique features of auto temperature adjustment and designs.
  11. Twinning Jasmine green tea! This is a good tea brand involves low-calorie content and comes in different flavors like lemon, mint, jasmine, and earl grey green tea.
  12. I don’t think any shampoo or conditioner can help you in hair color damage. Because, shampoos makes the hair thin which ultimately get fall due to its weakness.
  13. Sokoglam and ohlolly are some of the good online shopping websites to buy korean brand cosmetic products. I prefer to purchase my beauty product from there. Also, here you feel the price difference also w.r.t to its quality and brand.
  14. Revital is a effective and safe health supplement that you can take everyday with your regular diet to boost health and overall fitness of the body.
  15. Since makeup for acne-prone skin can be a challenge and this is same with me. I've done a lot of research but not yet get any personal help as per my skin nature and therefore hoping to get some help from here.