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  1. Hi, guys. I am posting this topic to share my information about contracted nose. If u already used silicon, then you might have to do a surgery again because of the side-effect of silion. The main example is contraction of nose. It makes your skin flat and silicon can be reflected. In Shimminan Clinic in Gangnam , Seoul, Korea there is one doctor who has career for 30years for nose surgery. Also i heard there is quite professional for nose surgery. Hope you guys could get information about your nose surgery from this post Thanks.
  2. Girls, do you guys know that there is a special event in a rhinoplasty clinic in Seoul, Korea? You guys probably heard of this clinic's name. It's Shimmian Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. If you guys visit Shimmian Clinic for an appointment to doing the rhinoplasty, anyone that upload review to their SNS while in Shimmian after the surgery can get a voucher for a FREE BOTOX !! (but for the voucher, post upload in SNS need to be checked by the consultation manager) SHIMMIAN CLINIC is one of the most famous rhinoplasty clinics which is performing surgeries in Gangnam over 30 years.
  3. For the flat nose, girls around me go to Shimmian for the beautiful nose.
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