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  1. oh i have used bio--essence before but not really suitable with my skin, i am more suitable with safi
  2. oh i have seen mira filzah using this product, if im not mistaken she co-created the product and using it as her daily skincare routine, her skins look amazing though
  3. Ok. But if truly delicious you have to belanja me ok. Deal? But must be honest la. Lol. I have faith in sheng kee wantan noodle soup. Btw, if you really want to try it go this sunday la. They got free wantan mee day..
  4. Yea this the one i saw. This sunday so nice ngam2 just right before my movie date at at 2pm vello. Hehehe.. Who else coming lets hangout together! To me the price is very reasonable. Like one meal range about rm10-rm15 but the portion can share 2 person.
  5. anyway speaking about their wonton mee, recently i think got saw in fb sheng kee having this free wonton mee day lor..
  6. Haha, no only can paired with wanton and char siew, their wanton mee gt many flavors, can either choose pork chop, chicken chop or marinated chicken legs, all are delicious to try Sheng Kee oso ma, wide selection of menus can be chosen, HK rice, noodles, snacks, dim sum and dessert...their egg noodles are specially imported from HK, and they are newly improved new recipe nowadays, go try la
  7. I see. Then just go for Shengkee lor. If less than 20 ppl shud be perfect la. If so many ppl better go buffet restaurant. Eat2 have desserts then go movies or sumthing. Anyway if u do go for Shengkee, order the wantan mee. So good wont regret i promise.
  8. Shengkee not bad at all. Not only desserts. Got serve complete meal also. Whr location ur company? How many ppl thr are?
  9. i know im a terrible wife. lol. well at least im trying.. i doubt the going to teach people to potong bawang.. =,= but might as well watch it. when is the live?
  10. hey thx for sharing. ive been looking for cooking class. im so terrible in cooking feel sad i cant even cook for my husband lol. he always scold me said that i cant even potong bawang rite
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