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  1. maybe it just not really suitable with your vehicle.. because im using shell helix ultra for years still engine drives smoothly. btw, i think if you use shell helix hx8 surely the experience different.
  2. Sadd!! Where else can i online shopping for cloathes with cheaper price?? I missed 11.11 yesterday..
  3. prada sling bag. lol wont share the link or else other babes will buy it first. xP old news la. all those engine oil sold in online shopping cannot pakai punya even its cheap. for me i dont really mind if buying fake stuff such as bags or dresses as long it is cheap. but i dont dare buy fake stuff that can ruin my car like those lubricants sold through online. such this much worst!
  4. Hey babes, just saw Prada original RM900++ at Caraousell. Seems fishy but should i get it or shouldnt i?
  5. Whats thats all about? TM peeling off bawang on this 8th? Guess their staff must have good hair for consuming bawang alot LOL. Heck, just going to follow their page just in case they update lengzhai with good hair <3
  6. Shampoo bawang is a china brand shampoo that supposedly to help you regain the growth of your hair. I doubt it is made of bawang. Chinese dont call onion bawang, Lol. How come you never heard of it before? Shampoo bawang quite famous. Jackie chan use it.
  7. Shampoo bawang is not actually made of bawang la. Its a china brand and they dont call onion bawang. But bawang do really good for hair growth lol
  8. better use cc la. can trust one. all those telco got so many hidden fees one la. later charge here charge there charge data somemore then when bill come out got so many to pay. no benefits also la