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    i love shopping!!!<br />i love cosmetics!!!<br />i love bags!!!<br />i love clothes!!!<br />i love shoes!!!
  1. quote name='PrincessDiary' timestamp='1315148621' post='599409'] [font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif"]One of the things I've been obsessing about is my eyelashes. I have been obsessing over having long and voluminous lashes for years that I even used to have my eyelashes permed. Us Asians usually have stick straight and thin eyelaashes so for me, it's essential to curl and put on mascara to complete the entire makeup. However sometimes it just isn't enough especially when you're aiming for that dramatic look. - [ [url="http://love-princessdiary.blogspot.com"]PrincessDiary[/url][/font] ] Below are the steps and the makeup products I am using :- Face : 1. Liquid foundation - Shu Uemura 2. Matte loose powder - Shu Uemura Eyebrow : 1. Brow powder - Kate Eyes : 1. One earth tone brown eye shadow - Stella 2. Black gel eyeliner - Kate [size="1"][b]*[i]princess's fav[/i]ourite[/b][/size] 3. Black mascara - Mojolica Majolica 4. falsies eyelashes [url="http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/temp-2011-08-17/gsruGueEJobyeyumakJClJHHdvggpxkjjgHIEqhIocFFIAAbjGdfazfBBffa/charlene5.jpg.scaled1000.jpg"][img]http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/temp-2011-08-17/gsruGueEJobyeyumakJClJHHdvggpxkjjgHIEqhIocFFIAAbjGdfazfBBffa/charlene5.jpg.scaled500.jpg[/img][/url] Cheeks : 1. Pink cheeks : Shu Uemura Lips : 1. Pink nude lip gloss : Dior With LoVe, PrincessDiary Makeup ♥ [/quote] You are beautiful!
  2. QUOTE (galx @ Jul 19 2009, 08:18 AM) Hey, which is best make up remover for eye-makeup? cos i only do a very little makeup on my eyes, like mascara and eyeliner. Loreal L&E make up remover or Maybelliner
  3. I love their cleansing milk
  4. QUOTE (sai @ Jul 26 2009, 03:58 PM) Hi Wani..I'm giving the product 4 free..hydro boost will giv it to other babe..only purifying lotion left Is the purifying lotion still available? I am interested in it PM me because I cannot PM you Thanks
  5. QUOTE (Yuriiko @ Jul 26 2009, 05:48 PM) Where you have been going for your facial? Usually beauician will steam our face to open up pores, after cleansing. But, my facial at dermalogica never steam my face, and they seems very hurry. I did ask how come they never use steam, and they telling me we cannot steam our face very often, otherwise will suffer open pores.. which i'm not sure it's the reason or pure excuse, as my whole facial only takes 30mins-45mins (including 30mins mask).. and it's different from my first trial which takes 1 1/2 hours (with steam) Seems that they are too hurried??? My facials normally go on at least 1 hour plus(when my skin is okay) to 3 hours(when my skin breaks out badly).
  6. `cherish

    The Skin Food

    QUOTE (onlyreira @ Jul 19 2009, 07:21 PM) Hi d3vil doll, Just bought tomato whitening spot serum and peach sake serum, and gotten sample for black sugar mask. However, the PA recommended me to use tomato whitening toner instead of mandarin&parsley toner, because she said my face is not that severe to use the anti-acne range. So, I bought the tomato whitening toner. Hope this is okay...I am excited to try it Something to share with everyone here: Initially I was about (as in already in queue for cashier) to buy my SF products (costs around rm200+) in Sg Wang (normally I bought it frm KLCC), and I asked for some sample to try on, not because I am greedy for samples, just that I need to make sure the product works fine for me before buying the product (I believe this is why SF gives out sample, rite?). So I asked the Sg. Wang SA for sample and our conversation: Me: Can I have some sample for xxx mask? SA: Huh? Sample? I never heard of samples before... (while smilling sarcastically) Me: But, I normally get samples from the KLCC branch SA: KLCC MA~ (sarcastically) ...I was kinda "pissed off" with her attitude. I mean, if she has no intention to give out samples, she can tell me nicely...instead of giving me a sarcastic reply. At the end, I did not purchase anything from the store. Not because of the samples, but also her attitude. So, I ended up getting all my stuff frm KLCC, and the KLCC-SA is 101% better than the one in Sg wang. I dont mean to talk bad about the Sg wang-SA (Her name is still fresh in my memory), just to share with you guys about my personal experience on her attitude. It must been some time since I visited KLCC because I didn't know KLCC has a Skinfood store lol! Anyway, I have always have okay experience with Sg Wang SA's but then, things could have been different since I didn't visit Skinfood in aeons already. Tough luck dear. I am very sure SF give out samples since I get at least one everytime I ask for them.
  7. Yuan Mung Bean and Job's Tears, Cosmoderm Tea tree cleanser and Likas papaya soap
  8. QUOTE (GoldenGhost @ Jul 17 2009, 11:49 AM) You can try eveing primrose, nuvafemme which are to balance your hormone. Personally I feel 'bak foong yuen' do the best job (have to drink lots of water as it is very heaty). Another natural remedy is to drink rose bud tea, you can get the rose bud from organic shop (cheap for one bottle), and just put the rose bud in hot water like your normal tea...however, you have to be patient as the result is slow... I am drinking the rose bud tea one week before menstruation now and so far it really works!!!
  9. They are operating at Plaza Rakyat and Masjid Jamek LRT station as well
  10. QUOTE (ebone @ Jul 13 2009, 09:15 PM) hi there.. how bout Duac Once Daily Gel?it costs rm51 for a 10g tube..ive tried it and somehow it works! it was precribed by a dermatologist when i went to see him for my acne problem.. Where can I get this? Anyway, I have tried Clinique before and it is great on my skin! But then, my skin was pretty flawless then, so I am not sure whether it is still great for me now.
  11. I have seen tonnes of cases like yours. Girls that need to be pampered and guys are tried of their demands. Some of the couples are still going strong and they have come close to being together for a decade while some others have broken up. What can I see from all these relationships is really simple. In order to maintain a relationship for a long time, or if possible, forever, you just have to be really, really in love with that someone. When two persons get together, both of you will come to a level will love each other until none of you want to let go of the relationship. In your case, I guess it is either one of you doesn't love your partner until that level or maybe it is both of you who don't love each other fully. It is hard to determine how far can you go with loving someone but you will know she is the one when you have come to this level. It is just the start of the relationship where you both are trying to suit each other's lifestyle now and bond. If you can pass this stage, there are much more challenges in the future. The problems that you are having now, I would say they are just some small parts of it. Some people just aren't meant for each other, so they break up after just a short time together. So if you both are not meant for each other, I guess it is better to end it early. But let's try not to end it before you have tried everything you can do to save it. Good luck.
  12. Your relationship is so complicated One day patched up, another day breaking up
  13. `cherish

    TS neway~

    QUOTE (xaoqing @ Jul 11 2009, 02:19 PM) hey~im planning to go out with my frens next week... but I dont know the price n stuff for neway... my frens said wed RM5 only...but doesnt include snacks... im not sure about it..n dont know where to check... need someone to reply me asap~... thx~ Their promotion changes a lot and there is different pricing when you go at different time. Usually it is cheaper when you go in the morning. Try calling the Neway branch itself and enquire.
  14. QUOTE (gingerbreadwoman @ Jul 10 2009, 12:07 AM) long time nvr visit here....yaya i m using da clay mask i bought frm pharmacy.St.ives wan.it is cheap n nice.act for pimples tht grow occasionally durin menses rite,i recommend da blemish stick by da body shop made frm tea tree oil.Herbal remedies are alwaiz betta den chemical ones such as benzoyl peroxide.And da good news is tht tea tree oil alwaiz has similar effect lite b.peroxide:) Abt salicylic acid,topical antibiotics solution tht contains -mycin in it(eg.clindamycin)they are alwaiz second line treatment.when b.peroxide n tea tree oil has no effect on stubborn pimples.but if ur pimples is nt whole face wan,den b.peroxide n tea tree oil may b a choice. used to b monrose user.nw not using p.lotion ady coz pimples healed ady:p anotha vry good method to make skin visibly smoother:use 'gula pasir'(vry vry fine sugar frm da shop),put on ur palm n put lil bit of water in......n rub it thr ur face.wash it off ,n u will find tht ur skin gets smoother n vry clean.den u can continue with ur skin care routine which is toner and moisturise.I m currently practising it.one day once which is b4 sleeping:) *highly recommended n it is effective den scrubs.it wont hurt ur skin. I will try the sugar method then. Thanks QUOTE (susan512 @ Jul 12 2009, 04:53 AM) Anyone tried the Acne.org skincare regimen? There're lots of positive reviews, but I have yet to try it! Speaking of pimple creams...I only used oxy, and that was when I was 12 years old. Now, I don't apply anything on my pimples...I have no idea what to use, and I'm afraid of aggravating it further. A user at another forum recommends using just Cetaphil cleanser followed by benzoyl peroxide 2.5 %. I have tried the method from another forum(Cetaphil and BP2.5%). Cetaphil is great for my sensitive skin but BP 2.5 % totally stings and burns my skin. QUOTE (PinkPony @ Jul 12 2009, 06:37 PM) For the egg mask, just beat the egg white until it gets frothy, then apply it to your face for 10-15 minutes and wash off. Followed by your usual skincare routine. Other preventative measures are applying a clay mask only to the pimple prone area 3 times a week or using skincare specifically for acne during the morning, and using your prefered skincare line at nite (i.e hydrating/ whitening etc) I have been practicing this recently, by using a cleanser/toner/moisturiser (for acne care) in the morning and a hyrating line at nite and glad to say that it helps in prevention. Lastly, if you don't mind the high cost, maybe you can try skin supplements gingerbreadwoman: The fine sugar method sounds great ! I'll definitely try it. I like knowing that there are cheap ways for good skincare I occasionally do the white egg mask a few times in a year when I like because I thought it was for whitening!!! Now I know it helps in preventing blemishes, I will try do it more often. I use clay mask twice a week, maybe I can increase it to three times a week. And the morning acne care abd prefered skincare line at night sounds great I have tried investing in vitamins and zinc but they don't help much. Now trying to consume pearl powder since I heard that it is great for skin.
  15. Sorry to hear that but thanks for letting us know!!!
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