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  1. My eyelashes are very sparse and hard to see. All the curling and mascara in the world cannot seem to make them seem longer, but falsies take care of all of that. Start by trimming the false eyelashes to the size of your eye. Carefully cut them, lash by lash, until they fit the width of your eye. I like to trim the lengths of the eyelashes a bit, but if you trim also much the ends do not taper naturally and they look clearly fake. Squeeze a bit of lash glue onto your finger, then carefully apply the glue from your finger onto the base of the lash. Do not apply the glue directly to the lash, as too much glue in most cases comes out and the false lashes get ruined. Use tweezers to place the lash on top of your lashes, then squeeze the ends of the lash against your eyelid to set the glue. Hold them in place for about a minute to let the glue set up. Carefully curl your lashes. This helps the false lashes stick to your real lashes, which looks more natural. I also do this to prevent the fake lashes from lifting off my natural ones. To finish, apply mascara and eyeliner. If the base of the false eyelashes does not line up with your natural eyelashes, use eyeliner to mask the gap. Then, apply mascara to your eyelashes. Be careful while applying the mascara, since you can unseat the glue with also much pressure. It helps to hold your finger on the other side of the falsies (don’t use the one with glue on it.) to keep them in place. To buy best eyelash growth and fuller serum- careprost buy online
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