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  1. I've interested in vintage backpacks. I hope I don't make the mistake of collecting too many things that I never use, especially for my budget. I thought it would be interesting to try an old backpack. I don't want rare and expensive collectibles, but something I can take out for the night easily and not worry about damaging it. Any suggestion?
  2. Used the pallas humidifier for a few times. Never noticed a difference with the kids or with DH or myself. My both baby had more comfortable breathing and sleeping and i found it helpful.
  3. SPrada

    Travel guitars

    I'd like to carry the best travel guiter in my work van for practicing during breaks. I'd like to grab a cheap used guitar off Kijiji and just removing off the sides and wire up a single pickup and then use a little portable amp. Anyone tried something like this? Should I watch something?
  4. Hi, I have just purchased a new house that has hardwood floors through out. And now i'm thinking to set up humidifier in my room. One of my friend tells me to setup a humidifier . I spent good for next 2-3 years without any humidifier yet. So i need suggestion on what i should do now. Can you please advise?
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  6. Have I read this on here? If yes, thank you to whoever suggested it, it works a dream! If you are a bit pale and tanning lotions make you look orange (and are also cackhanded and can't apply tanning lotion without it turning into a streaky mess) try using 'tan maintaining' after sun lotions. They have a tiny bit of bronzer in them - they give you a bit of colour and you can build it up. I use a cheapie Soltan and am very pleased!
  7. What's your favorite color scheme for your home (this one or a fantasy one). That is, whether you are using that color scheme currently or not. OR...do you not do a color scheme at all, and just go with the flow, whatever strikes your fancy for each room?
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