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  1. If need the staff do extra must pay extra loh, if people work for you and you just enjoy it without any return, that really unfair... But anyway, hope the unifi connection always in good condition, as we pay it too, need to fair also.
  2. haha, small different is very hard to detect. My aunt always like that, when connection good, there is no complain, but when line slow will non stop talk about it.
  3. Last time my aunty was complain about the slow connection at night, is it now the unifi become so bad?
  4. i think both of them got competitive, but mine is still TM, the uniffi coverage is not reach my are... still waiting. Not sure need wait for how long.
  5. have to make sure your area got coverage, if not you purchase their package also low connection, waste money only. checked 1st that your area which line is stronger, unifi or maxis.
  6. Bee_LuMin

    Prada RM900?

    Is that price will different by these semi and full ? as i see the supermarket will show different price with same brand and same product, but i didnt notice the semi and full synthetic in the label, so im very curious right now.
  7. Bee_LuMin

    Prada RM900?

    for me fake bag or dress also not good, easy to break and waste money
  8. Bee_LuMin

    Prada RM900?

    that really cruel to see these kind of thing happen!
  9. Bee_LuMin

    Prada RM900?

    that was great to see got people still know there is the biggest risk in online purchase, bcoz some people see got cheap product, buy 1st without consider any other potential bad thing will happen next~
  10. Whao, that nice to see you get the one can make you happy, if choosing the water purifier, quality is the main and the price is second for me.... That just have a different life style, think that water purifier is not important. Like my parent, always use the kettle boil water and make drinks, until they start using the air purifier, now they very love it.
  11. No advertise then no people know, no people know then no people will buy, even the salesman push to sell the product, customer still suspect for the quality, coz never heard the brand. So if a brand want to success and well know, the advertising is important. I think the coway allow customer to pay half of the balance when they want to end the contract of paying installment, this benefit did not apply by other company. So, this show coway got better characteristic than other brand.
  12. I can know why take coway instead of cuckoo, in term of what you suggest to choose this brand? From the price? service? or the benefit? I think this has some model that can produce alkaline water, but i heard the filter is better than other brand. They got do the research on product development which provide the best water filter and put into water purifier. Compare with other unknown brand, i think we hard to know what material actually they use.
  13. Most of the thing i want to keep lah... just want to rearrange it only. What if my water purifier still got many installment need to pay, should i sell them and ask them to pay the remain inst ? i alrdy got some idea~ but i dont think i want to change the water purifeir, it still good to use now... may be consider how to manage the another useless thing only.
  14. U think i so rich meh? if i got so much money then i no need to irritate how to rearrange by kitchen anymore... this house loan still many years to go, so no new house for me now. ya loh, if i got enough cash then i just throw the old one and a new one for my kitchen item. Refresh my kitchen will not look like very crowed and old style. Or find someone to design my kitchen, make it different.
  15. hmm, i think no need to hire someone to help me, i just need more time to figure it out. I can save some money to buy the new gadget that i want, some gadget in the kitchen i think i want to change the new one. Water purifier not heavy meh? i think your water purifier is the small size one, mine is like the big machine. Luckily my water sink is not the thin one, like the build-in cupboard, so manage to handle the weight.
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