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  1. Hi ladies, Anybody has ever done a facelift before ??? Any good surgeon who is very experienced and with good skill to recommend?
  2. I heard Dr.Ko's clinic is good but not sure which surgeon is good. Is the person who does the surgeon who is important not the clinic. Heard also Megan is good too but read some negative remarks on that. Anybody can share please if u know any good double eyelid surgeon in JB or KL. Thanks !!!
  3. Hi everyone, HELP!!!!!! I am looking for a good/best double eyelid surgeon in JB hopefully, if not then KL. Heard Dr. Ko's plastic surgery is good but not sure which surgeon is good. Skills are super important for a double eyelid surgery. Every mm makes a lot of different, so their experience, skill, and judgment are super important. Some surgeon cut too high some cut too low some cut too long or too short. Can somebody share yr experience here please if u ever have an eyelid surgery done in DR.Ko's clinic before. Or if anybody who has done a good double eyelid surgery pls share too, esp which doc n the price. Thanks a million!