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  1. what u means by purchase new apps?what apps u want?? I only download free apps weyh.hahaha! if required me to pay I will try to avoid it.
  2. correct! they do many contests, I think maybe they give opportunity to users to win and join the contest that suitable. all contest is really interesting as they offer good prizes.if u know edy about this clcm contests why not u join it 1 more time.hahaha 1rggt is a normal la..u can win up to 200k, still worth it to join.what makes u said their T&C is complicated?if you're clcm user there is nothing to worry about. don't confuse urself maybe can check morte to their website to get a clear picture of the i share link with u don't be like that la, try least u can improve ur knowledge about fitness when answer quizzz.if u win also can keep it cash to so easy just to test a bit about fitness,u dont even sweat to think the answer.but just need to make sure u know about fitness la, if not, can call rugi also
  3. This new model looks very suitable for a big family I think, size quite big..can put everything.hehehe. I do a survey about Beko, most of their products look to advance in smart design combined with innovative features. if I want to buy something new and satisfy products for my house maybe I will consider beko.but if I have more money too.hahaha