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  1. 1. after 19 is the best 2. You should have parents' permission
  2. Girls go to Korea for the nosejob Korea is good at nosejob
  3. Shimmian in South Korea is the best, as I heard. But you need to compare other clinics, too.
  4. I recommend you Cooki Clinic in South Korea. A friend of mine had eyelid surgery in Cooki Clinic and it was beautiful, 'she has beautiful eyes!'. Actually, I haven't visited there but after I saw her eyelids, I searched online, and the before&after photos were amazing. Super amazing. Actually, the name of clinic 'Cooki Clinic' sounds a little bit weird, but the surgical result is truly amazing. Before you visit the website, you can't believe my word. But just try it! I recommend Cooki Clinic. They do great marketing in SNS, too.
  5. I hear there's a good one in chicago but forgot the doctor's name
  6. Anyone heard about any consultations?
  7. don't you have to be at least 19?
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