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  1. I see. But I saw it online saying that when we drink lemon water,our body reacts with the anionic properties of the lemon making the water alkaline as the body digests it. Soooo, we can just drink lemon water rather than buying an expensive water dispenser???
  2. Hrmm how do the cuckoo water make the water alkaline?? They put some sort of chemical inside the pipe water? So Curious about it.
  3. Same here difficult to "poopp2" hahaa , finally found someone who have the same problem like me /laugh. But is it real that alkaline water can help with it? /headache
  4. It's better to ask the salesman or the person in charge . They will suggest the machine that's suit you as they are more professional. (If you not sure which 1 suits you the best).
  5. If he is rich enough , direct buy a big house and move inside la haha. the water purifier is convenient but it not just occupied a lot of space , it consumes a lot of electricity too if you buy the one with multifunction for hot and cool water.
  6. Wow , so nice of you providing info + it's details. First time seeing slim fir refrigerators. Thought it gonna be real slim and tall haha. Design is quite "fit" .Good.
  7. Actually you have to consider your space before buying furniture . Sometimes ppl juz buy any furniture they like without consider their kitchen space and practical use. At the end their kitchen is crowded just like you.
  8. Which type of house are u stayin in? Condo ? Flat or double-storey house? In order to save space , you have to observe you kitchen design and space first , then only you arrange your furniture,
  9. how to join?? I quite struggle this to 2 years to get my body to shape. if get cash mybe can buy an expensive supplement to support my body.kakakkakak
  10. Don't worry, it is true, just that it is not common here in Malaysia, there are many tournaments, contest, games like this that you can win money actually. These big company will not scam, just have to make sure the contest is organized by them haha Who does not want to win big money, however that depends on your luck T.T