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  1. Badminton is a popular game in Malaysia. You can see everyone in a rural or urban area play it. From the backyard till the court, everyone surely having an experience smash the shuttle and hold badminton rackets in their hand. It simplifies the legend games for Malaysians right? Here are some tips for you to master the basics of playing badminton:- Hit the center of the shuttle and at the top of its arc. Always return to the middle of court Hit shuttle toward the back line Practice your footwork and make sure to wear proper badminton shoes so it won't hurt you. Practice makes perfect [short and long serve] Most important: NEVER GIVE UP! One of the things keep calmer and practice each day.
  2. I did this exercise before I start my badminton game and it really helps. It good for your body workout.
  3. Hello guys, I keep looking a set of hello kitty kitchenware in Klang Valley. I found it a lot in online store but i much prefer if can go to the store and look it by myself. Hope anyone in this forum can give me some information about kitchenware shops that sold any cookware that have hello kitty theme.
  4. I always wish i can have my own wholesale store for handbag. If anyone know how to start a business wholesale please contact and dm me. I searching for handbag wholesale industry
  5. Hello girls, What do you think about fake and authentic women handbag in Malaysia? Did you think women like us should wear and bring only branded handbags such as hermes handbag and guess handbag only? Come drop your opinion here.
  6. Did you only sell longchamp? Any authentic handbag from France such as coach handbag and fendi handbag? I would like to buy one of them.
  7. i have a thing with wallpaper. every month i must change my sticker walls as i was bored with a same design. i like something like 3d wallpaper and pvc wallpaper Both are my fave collections!