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  1. Hello everyone, Today topic will discuss the effect of leather wallets towards young women. Is it still valid that women are chasing the leather as their choice for example leather wallet bonia or leather wallet vintage ? Which one girl is more preferable? To choose premium leather wallets or select the best one from the review. Anyone get any opinion. Let's have some girls talk.
  2. First, I am not representative from Mary Kay or even a consultant that push you to bought or subscribe any mary kay and lip mask. Over the past 50 years, we have been told, Mary Kay always helps women across the world by expanding beauty industry. I always read the reviews according to the free treatment or facial that given free but the fact that they are lying and being a push to buy the products and being broke all over. In this thread, I am doing some survey or anyone who ever in the same situation or anything that u want to say about Mary Kay. Let's we share our experience and opinion together.
  3. I am using mary kay makeup and all my beauty regime are from mary kay.
  4. Which one more suitable for men apparels should i bought timberland boots or other types of boots such as winter boots for my boyfriend. He's living in US and i want to surprise him. Need some suggestion and advice in here.
  5. you should wear something nice for example heels and not stiletto as u need to walk more try to find something like a shoes boots that look like a pump design.
  6. obviously i will because it more convenient and cheaper. recently i bought women boots by on line and it is satisfying enough.
  7. in the middle finding interior designer to custom my hd wallpaper for my new house. I want it look exactly like a korea wallpaper
  8. any apps to do wallpaper sticker for phone?
  9. postcards is really nice! remember when i was young used to collect all of them but now i have found new hobby. I love changing my wallpapers at home and my husband start to nag me 24hours. How can I say no to korean wallpaper right? They are so pretty!
  10. Kind I know the handbag price and what is estimated day arrivals to Malaysia?
  11. what types of women handbag that you bought? are they selling the latest handbag 2017 or the oldest design? curious too know
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