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  1. I know not to mention that Tupperware is blah blah blah. This is not one of the advertising or some spam tactics but In this new thread, I want to share fun facts about Tupperware. In fact, Tupperware is not just about plastic bowls, lids, and yeay free fruitcake. hahaha, It's more than that. 1. Tupperware was invented by a man. Are you expect it could be women like Mary Kay. His name was Earl Tupper. Obviously now you know where Tupperware got his brand name, It's the founder itself. In 1938, Tupper bought few molding machines and began tinkering with his own and the results are a brand called Tupperware. 2. Can you imagine the muse of your tupperware bottle is actually design was inspired by only a paint can? Respect so much to Tupper for his imagination. 3. For their first appearance, it's actually failed in the stores. Tupperware store finally decided to just sell it through one big party that involved housewives. 4. One of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century till Tupperware make it in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  2. consider the season during that time. if you go during winter time just bought him some nice winter boots or else leather boots could be fine.
  3. ada jual tudung bawal terkini tak yang orang dok panggil tudung organza tuuu.
  4. try to go to GM Klang and get your own stuff and try to sell it on the online store platform to gain your audience first.
  5. wow i love to collect postcard too sometimes and i will send it too my friends if i went to holiday and one of my favourite hobby also to collect shawl (I mean the braided and lace one) its suitable for all races and ages not just to wear it. What else your hobby MYB Babe?