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  1. i hope they can free for the streamyx user, as i know the installation fee will cost rm 200, as we alrdy become their loyal customer must give some benefit to us .... hahaha
  2. how about other fee? last time i got pay the installation fee when use the TM streamyx, not sure if change to unifi still got charge that installation fee or not. i think not just your aunty, mostly people will act like that, really frustrating when connection slow. As we pay for it, we hope we didnt get the bad service.
  3. hmm.... in my opinion, i also think that unifi got better stability on connection. Next week i go office ask about the package and fee.
  4. mine one is for family use, and i heard the unifi is more reliable. But the maxis marketer very convincing, i still not sure is it good to choose maxis.
  5. Recently i receive call from M Telco, they introduce me to change my TM into their internet package, then i realize the package is same to the 100mbps unifi. Now i got 2 option, but which is more better?
  6. Pure_Water

    Prada RM900?

    oh~ like that ar~ but i still love to use full synthetic oil as the power is stronger. Never-mind, at least i know the semi is not as bad as i thought.
  7. Pure_Water

    Prada RM900?

    I heard semi not very good one o~ will it also can helpful for the car engine? i scare the function will disappoint me May be they didnt know the engine oil they sell is fake one, so they buy a lot and feel very worthy. Who know what happen next
  8. Pure_Water

    Prada RM900?

    sure can repair de, but the engine sound will louder than before, feel like cant hold longer than 3 years normal educated people will alert the abnormal seller!!! got people cheat by the seller as some of them might unable to price, when they saw the engine oil can sell in very cheap, then but without think further loh
  9. Pure_Water

    Prada RM900?

    engine oils sell at online store sure cannot trust one, too cheap and my father alrdy become one of the victim! So sad to see his vehicle break down and use a lot of money to repair the engine.
  10. The service quality different, cuckoo service time not frequent as other, so the water purifier cant stay good performance, just the moment after the service done, then will slowly go to same situation, then still need wait for the next service.
  11. Not every branded product produce for rich people, the brand is popular because of the quality. If cant afford can consider pay with installment, if like that can reduce the financial burden.
  12. Ya, during my relative say want to change a new water purifier, ask me to help them search info, then i introduce some model and brands. What they reaction is the more prefer the coway villaem instead of coway harry, so i just them pick what they like.
  13. Whao~ that great, So how you rate this model? is it suitable for you with your current situation? i also got some negative feedback from my relative when i introduce this model to them.
  14. haha... nowadays the producer and designer is like to create some modern and save space furniture. The slimfit design always have customer like it, no matter shirt or funiture. Both of them need this kind of characteristic.
  15. Better find some slim fit design product, make you easy arrange the item in kitchen. The biggest thing is refrigerators, this is the most important and headache one,. The water purifier also need to put near the water sink which got the water supply, here some suggestion for you. https://www.remodelista.com/posts/5-favorites-counter-depth-refrigerators/ https://www.coway.com.my/products/water-purifier/neo
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