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  1. note 8 sounds great! i heard there are many good feedback for note 8, even better than the new iphone. directly buying from samsung store not affordable for me, using telco plan can pay slowly
  2. Is time to change my laoya phone. Both of the phone is in Malaysia now. Any suggestion for which phone to get and where should i get the phone others than direct buying from store?
  3. my friends told me about this too!! they said there are actually few plans for you to choose based on different data plan you need. all the phone price is lower than market price if calculated
  4. Based on the plan i saw, the phone price that you pay is only bout half of the market price. The price for plan might seems high but actually they included the monthly data plan
  5. especially for iphone their plan is nicer than others telco and there are alot of unlimited benefits for every plan
  6. telco C offering new plans with 50gb data and 100gb data, quite suitable for you