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  1. wa, it seems that there're quite a lot of buyers here. If sell preloved items at here, don't worry that those item can't be sold. I wonder how the system detects scammers on Carousell?
  2. What you mean is that I only need to take a photo of stuff to start selling, right?
  3. I have lots of preloved items want to sell. How do I start selling on Carousell?
  4. unfortunately, the big airasia promo is ended, u might need more big points to redeem a free flight. To enjoy better promo, u can keep up ur efforts in earning more points and wait for the next season of promo to redeem free flight.
  5. AA Big Points can be used for redeeming free flight ticket either domestic trip or international trip. It can also used to pay airport tax as well.
  6. hermo members can enjoy lot of rewards like great discounts, coupon codes, exclusive deals and free shipping. Aside from tat, hermo members can also earn AirAsia big points for their purchases at Hermo.
  7. u can buy at hermo. There're variety of make up kit sold there and u can earn some rewards for your purchase.
  8. Apple Tan

    Missed 11.11

    As you said, the carousell's shippping cost is very cheap lor? Can I know how much is the shipping cost?
  9. Apple Tan

    Missed 11.11

    i most often buy clothes in shopee ... the clothes are in good quality not matter its size, colour or cutting...many options to be chosen from...many discounts too... most importantly the stuff all arrived safely and fast...
  10. I also heard these internet plans from my friends. Does anyone have already subscribe it? What are the special benefit that can be enjoyed by the users?
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