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  1. What about safety? Like I'm talking about payment
  2. carousell has a bump feature that takes seller's listing to the top of the category, which can help seller to sell their items faster.
  3. yaya, u r totally right. FYI, buying on Carousell is also easy. U can simply purchase ur wanted items by having a simple chat with seller.
  4. Sell on Carousell, it's as simple as snapping to sell.
  5. ya really. carousell is a great place for selling used clothes. At here u can sell your clothes easily and quickly.
  6. i always buy my comestics at sephora...if u worry about the budget, u can make purchase during promotion...
  7. Karen Liew

    Missed 11.11

    yes really...so far i satisfied with the clothes's quality...wearable...comfortable...not too thin...
  8. Karen Liew

    Missed 11.11

    cheap clothes sold here... if u want to buy the clothes for CNY, u can buy at here. size, color and fabrics are all in good condition ... not cheating u...if u don't believe me, u can have a try...hehe
  9. Daniel, I heard that Telco C introduces new internet plans that provides high internet quota at high internet speed, which are FIRST GOLD SUPREME and FIRST PLATINUM PLUS . You can search on these plans.
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