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  1. i've experienced this before. whenever an anonymous buyer trying to deal items with me, carousell will suspend the user, they're so quick on this matter. that's why i like to sell on carousell.
  2. This trading platform is super easy to get around and even easier to sell preloved items. I successfully sold my first preloved item within one week. Carousell is safe to use, its transactions are safe for the buyers and sellers because all the accounts are verified. At Carousell, we don't have to worry about the scammers.
  3. i think u cannot transfer those points to ur bro's big account. But if u are the eligible member in ur bro's Fly with Family list, ur bro can earn the big points when u book a flight.
  4. as long as u r sephora member and airasia big member, u can earn airasia big points for ur spending at sephora.
  5. Sephora is a good place for ladies to buy makeup. My gf often buy her makeup from here. Shop at sephora also can earn big points like Hermo.
  6. Daniel Lee

    Missed 11.11

    never heard about Carousell before this...What kinds of goods does Carousell's sellers sell (expect woman's clothing) ?
  7. My parents have used the onion hair shampoo for e period of time. Onion shampoo is really good in stopping hair loss and stimulating hair growth.
  8. Thank you so much for all you've done to help me. Thanks for sharing many info about Cclm internet plan. I really appreciate.
  9. Thank you so much for sharing the link to help me get more information about these two plans. I think it would be a great choice for me since I am a heavy data user and these plans sound interesting to me.
  10. Hey guys. I am looking for internet plan that provides higher quota with high internet speed. Does anyone have suggestions for subscribing which internet plans?
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