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  1. Hi Gals, The Estee Lauder Model Search is back! Bigger, better and going to Australia. The winners of the search will become Estee Lauder Malaysia brand ambassador, be flown to Australia for a 6D/5N photography shoot with a dream team of experts, plus they will each get to sample a uniquely Australian experience. Their photographs will be featured as a 7-page editorial spread in Cleo, Malaysian Women's Weekly, Cosmopolitan and Citabella magazine. Each winner will also take home a year's worth of Estee Lauder products, prizes from partners - Canon, eclipse, Miko Hair Studio & Academy and more. Check out the link to find out all the details : [url="http://www.esteelaudermodelsearch.com.my"]Estee Lauder Model Search[/url] Remember to log on to find out more as you will also be able to participate in an SMS contest to win yourself a trip for 2 to Australia. Cheers
  2. WOW! The Buzz contest sounds interesting... i joined oledi.. hope i i win it... can't wait to get my hands on one! i read from a website that this is a Dream come true mascara that gives volume, curl, lenght and seperation!!!
  3. I blew my entire bonus last Dec on a Cartier Santos Steel, would have gotten the automatic but was RM2K short! This watch will last me for next 5 yrs until i save enough for a Rolex Oyster Shell.
  4. I came across this very interesting article i read in a book by Dr. Gillian McKeith's, so i tot of sharing it with all u babes who want beautifully clear & flawless skin. 1. Drink plenty of clean filtered water - at least 6-8 glasses daily, more if on hot days and when you exercise. Adequate water is essential to keep your skin hydrated and for eliminating toxins through the kidneys and colon. 2. Include lots of fibre in your diet.. It keeps your intestinal tract regular and enhances the elimination of waste from the body. some ppl with skin problems suffer from constipation coz they fail to feed themselves with good source of fibre. 3. Make sure your diet contains plenty of antioxidants (which helps slow down cellular aging). Fresh fruits and vegs are the best sources of natural plant antioxidants. 4. Food combine. by eating protein and carbo at seperate meals, you'll prevent unnecessary fermentation in the colon & increase nutrients absorption into the blood. 5. While bad fats are detrimental to your body, essential fatty acids (EFA) are vital for healthy skin. you can get these from whole grains, seeds, nuts, soy beans, dark leafy vegs, cold-presses oils (especially flax, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and safflower) and oily fish e.g. sardines, mackerel and salmon. BTW - EFA is not produced naturally by our body, so we need to get from the food we eat. 6. Start you day with a mini cleanse. This means that you should drink a glass of warm water. follow this with a mug of hot water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. 7. Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol, all of which drains moisture from the body. 8. Cut down on salt. excess sodium in the system lead to skin puffiness and swelling. 9. Reduce food tha clog : the worst are red meat, diary, refined foods and food that contains hydrogenated oils or fats.
  5. Yes, uonly need to use it for 7 consecutive nights. the cyber white intensive night brightening series comes in a pack of 3 bottles, it is suppose to last for 7 nights. So u can use it once every 3mths.
  6. Here is what the product claims according to their website: "With Idealist, silky smooth skin is just the beginning. Exclusive non-acidic formula takes care of all skin's little problems - pores, flakiness, redness & fine lines"
  7. JLoh27

    Scars! :(

    ouch! i'm so sorry to hear about your accident. my mom says applying pure vitamin e on the spot can help the skin heal faster & to soothe your sore skin, you might want to apply fresh aloe vera to calm the area daily until it heals - don't forget to apply anti-septic cream as well to avoid getting an infection. if you have the money, you can always buy creme de la mer, i read that it was created by a scientist to heal his own burnt skin on the face. the smallest size cost RM470 for 30ml. Or you can use estee lauder advanced night repair concentrate, it can help repair and heal severely damaged skin, i read somewhere that US celebs use it before and after plastic surgery or microdermabrasion. Hope you get better soon.
  8. if i spend a minute in the sun, i swear i can feel my freckles popping out. So, i'll never leave home without applying sunblock...and my fav is Estee Lauder cyber white uv defense SPF50, for its light texture, fast absorbtion & good protection. Thought it would be fun to know what you babes are using.. ...and if you have any new recommendation for me to try. THANKS!
  9. i don't really have a pore problem but i heard that estee lauder idealist skin refinisher is very effective to control pore & oily skin problem. SKII has a Pore Refining Cream too, but its really expensive!!
  10. JLoh27


    I'm only using the cleanser (RM130), toner (RM160) and essence (RM350) from Cyber White. Its kinda expensive but they give very good gifts... I'm now trying out the cyber white night cream sample they gave me, which i like very much because its not very oily. But i can really see a difference, will surely recommend this range to anyone who wants clear, smooth and bright skin.
  11. The Advanced Night Repair serum is priced at RM285 for 50ml. I've stopped using it and have since switch to the Cyber White and Nutritious range. I only use the Advanved Night Repair serum when my skin is really dry and when i travel.
  12. Do u work for dermalogice? Are these products real?
  13. JLoh27


    I am naturally very fair, with very thin skin - so my freckles & pigmentation r quite visible to the naked eyes... which means i can't go out of the hse w/o wearing foundation + powder + shimmer powder...hehe.... anyway, i've always been using estee's products & the sales girl recommend i try it... very reluctant to try at first coz it costs so much (RM350 for 30ml)... took alot of convincing before i finally caved in & bought a bottle 2 try.. worth every penny!
  14. JLoh27


    I've tried Cyber White... i'm using the new 7 pathways whitening essence now (since early Mar). it made my skin clear, bright and glowing. Its hard to believe, i dun even need to use foundation anymore, just a little powder will do.
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