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  1. Hi all those who are reading my post... I am not sure if i am writing at the right place...but i am here to let u guys know that i am looking for a baby for adoption..i am an indian lady married for 4 1/2 years now..my husband and i are not able to have kids (medical check up done).. we are really looking forward to adopt an indian baby..it doesnt matter if it is a girl or boy...not take me wrog for only wanting to adopt indian baby as i do not want the baby to feel diferent growing up with us.. To those young mothers out there who are thinking of abortion or giving away ur baby, pls consider us to take ur baby as our own..i just want to be firm here that we want to do everything legally ( no selling/buying babies pls)...pls consider us and this act of urs will be truly blessed... To those who know of anyone who wants to abort or give away their babies, pls do contact me at my email; nanmaddy_85@yahoo.com All i can say is god bless you for helping couples like us...
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