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  1. uuu, that's nice!! never knew theres anti ageing range for the younger consumers... bcs usually I see ones that's for 40s women. do you use the full range or just the serum etc?? yeah, SK-II is Asian brand but its too expensive...im sure there's more affordable options out there that could give similar effectttt and I totally agree about skincare that suits our weather..
  2. Hi girls, i'm looking for skincare products for anti ageing...preferably from the drugstore since i've just entered mid 20s i feel super conscious about ageing now...probably bcs i'm starting to see more prominent lines forming on the side of my mouth and around my eyes 😩
  3. I would just take a loooongggg sleep but sometimes I cant even do tht because im pilled with so much work...I guess u just have to make sure that you eat vitamins and drink loads of water since the stress effects the acid in your stomach, that's why you're always gassy and bloated
  4. hahahaha ikr, some people are really just terrible and they b on your nerves..then u end up having to suffer physically bcs of their attitude lmaooo sue them. its not helping either that this pandemic is causing a lot of people in distress, and ofc depression is at an all time high right now
  5. I got this problem also, but my doctor said its bcs of stress..so maybe since your body is sensitive try to meditate, and pay attention to how your body reacts when you get stressed out
  6. id say its durable..their prices range from affordable to more expensive ones but i think its worth it if it can last few years
  7. yes towel is not a best choice especially you need your hair to be dried in fast. For hair stylers, currently i am using the with nano tech, if not mistaken, is panasonic
  8. Not says is a must. But electrical appliances can speed up the work process. For instance, you can let your hair dry naturally but it consume more time than you use hair dryer
  9. I use dyson before, few years back and now this hair dryer break down. I am now looking for cheaper price hair dryer as now mco, pay cut...
  10. hahahaahaha i tot im the only one who are realize the smell nowadays we need to drink carefully coz our water source got chlorine i think all house in malaysia MUST install water filter especially for drinks water dispenser can but u might rugi lorh coz use dispenser need a high cost! u need to but the water bottle at least 2-3 bottle per week every time the bottle empty, u need to change haiyaaaa better install water purifier
  11. what telco ure using now?no one force u to change ur current telco.if ur telco now no prob than stick with it lor.like what they talk about, I can take it as new info for me,coz i am not so aware of any promo or anything.if I need to purchase apps that benefit me maybe I can try the method they said.5rggt a big amount oso even only 1-time rebate coz, not every day will purchase.
  12. disagree with u!! I use this brand for my econ, quality is better than my old brand.I look into their FB they got nice comments only.if poor they will not dare to gve long period of warranty.
  13. just go to any electric shop and ask for what brand that u want..at the mall also have the home appliances.better pay by cash coz more cheaper than pay by installment. Recommended brand: Panasonic ( famous brand in Malaysia, people choice) Toshiba (good price & quality) Beko ( better quality & long period warranty)
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