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  1. hey, guys near my house Kepong I saw an elect shop is only selling the Beko brand kitchen appliance, the designs looks attractive but not sure hw is the brand... is that worth to go for this brand, bcos I am shifting to a new house on next month so still few more kitchen appliance haven't get and settle down it ...any suggestions ??
  2. why want to buy new ?? you try to send it to the shop and repair it and use.. how best fridge also one day will give u prblm also , for nw i think this is nt big prblm so u cn repair it n use again untill u relli u cnt use right ...try to repair 1st thn buy a new one ...
  3. thanks everyone for the experience that you all shared , i wll be have a look in their pages too and discuss to my hsbd abt this , will get one credit card soon .
  4. oh ok , but is that cn use this card any store or just on selected stores and shopping malls ? ..
  5. i am currently looking for apply credit card bcz i am feeling not safe to withdrawal money and go for shopping with my kids . Somemore i saw tht some shopping mall cn swipe with the credit cards thn cn get few baby stuff offer or some cn get vocuher.. which bank offer many privilege plus its good to use ... anyone having exp ..kindly plz share ...
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