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  1. Lol make sense also lah, if the price is really like what other said lah, which is half of the market price for the phone, then I think quite worthy even if I get the plan loh
  2. Depends on u loh haha, if I was u, I prefer to buy the phone directly loh~
  3. 哈哈 你跟我的情况一样 我先去bluecube那边问看一下咯 如果okay的话我再通知你咯~
  4. 这么好吗 还有免费的手机?不会是有什么隐藏的付费吧?我以前朋友的package也是有这样的 可是不懂他的是哪一个telco了的
  5. 各位, 想知道大家如果data用不完的话会怎么办叻?我每个月都剩20多gb叻 感觉很浪费 就算我在车上直接用data开youtube来听歌那些了 可是还是有剩很多啊! 因为当初是为了买手机便宜所以才签data这么多的package 现在contract到期了 想要找新的 最好就是也有free手机还是便宜买的啦 不过data不用太多咯~不然我用不完...
  6. Ya I have heard abt this plan also. It's about data sharing and by sharing data, u get to save ur data cost, coz it will cost u like RM65 only for 15gb of data each person in average
  7. I agree with Sheryn since that is the most worthy plan I have heard by now, which at the same time, with good data coverage.