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  1. Hi there! Just a quick sharing with all the mother, it's the second time I'm letting my kids join their Summer English Workshop. It's a fun hands on and engaging cooking experience workshop Well, my kids used to be slightly awkward to speak with strangers. Yet, things changed unknowingly after they joined last year. I heard that this year's workshop will let the kids get to learn invaluable skills and enjoy the enjoy the fruits of their work with their friends whilst learning over 100 of vocabularies in 2 days! We should let out kids to participate practical kinds of stuff. They only accept max 25 students, I'm not sure if there are seats available. You might try your luck! Here's their FB link : https://www.facebook.com/bedfordtuitioncentre/photos/a.277433972614845.1073741828.269606076730968/412613542430220/?type=3&theater
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