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  1. It is not a must/necessary for you to sign up for a loyalty card, but if you have one, you can enjoy many priviledges... You may also get every membership from Petron, Shell, petro-nas etc.(they're free usually) For me, I use Mesra card by petro-nas which -I can redeem my points to items or petrol -Some special promotions and discounts -participate in some contest that only opens to loyalty card holders So, I think that the pros is more than cons of having a loyalty card from petrol station (one of the reasons is we must use petrol)
  2. I watched the trending Transformers-Age of extinction on the iFlix!
  3. Inverter 买起来是会贵一点的哦.... 沙发买皮的就比较贵、杀生但是耐用;人造的就比较不耐用,但是应该会比较便宜吧 沙发通常都是买3个座位的那种吧~ 不知道lz有没有其他的要求,比如一个座位、五个座位...... 信得过吗,网店? 冷气机省电不省电也是很重要的!