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  1. I'm watching this on the Walla plan, too Using apps or view on the web is easy and convenient lorr.... There are many exclusive content that only in Netflix and iFlix, it's good to take a look
  2. I watched the trending Transformers-Age of extinction on the iFlix!
  3. Inverter 买起来是会贵一点的哦.... 沙发买皮的就比较贵、杀生但是耐用;人造的就比较不耐用,但是应该会比较便宜吧 沙发通常都是买3个座位的那种吧~ 不知道lz有没有其他的要求,比如一个座位、五个座位...... 信得过吗,网店? 冷气机省电不省电也是很重要的!