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  1. I heard that they will recruit all including 158cm girls but then only those above 160cm will be allocate as cabin crew where else, those below 160cm will be placed as ticketing (it seems that they are consider as air-stewardess also). Can any current air-stewardess confirm this news? Any airlines also can.
  2. Is there any 158 cm tall SIA air stewardess here? I heard that those about 158cm will be placed as ground staff even if you attended the training? is that true? they said minimum 160cm only will be cabin crew? can anyone confirm with me this? thxs
  3. btw, was all the items brand new or used b4?
  4. I missed it. Sad.. Haihz.. i missed it all!
  5. Wendy, do you mind giving me the name of ur dance studio? I'm looking for one for ballroom dance/salsa. Thxs in adv. Nicole
  6. Dear babes, I'm a Year 3 undergraduate majoring in Psychology in one of the local college. And I'm interesting in Hotel-Tourism industry as well as PR/Advertising industry (preferably organizing events). I'm currently looking for internship in any of the stated industry. My internship duration is from Nov-Dec 08. I've found a few but then the location is too far as I'm staying in KL area and those I found mostly is in Peejay. Kinda far for me with all the jam as well. Any recommendation for internship in either industry? Thanks in advance.
  7. Wow.. this is so scary? Are you feeling better now? Poor girl!
  8. may I know which companies organizing those roadshow? I'm interested as well.I'm a college students now.
  9. babe, I'm looking for one as well. Do let me know when you found one. =)
  10. anyway know any Orthodontics & Dental Surgery near Cheras area which is reasonable, not too pricey? thxs
  11. hie there, how much are you selling for the brushes - Huge, Big blusher brush (used or ununsed)? and also the lip liner brush? If can kindly PM me please? Thanxs
  12. when was the Cathay ads out? Is their recruitment as often as SIA? Wow.. catwalk? Interesting..
  13. babes, where did u guys know abt the cathay airlines interview? was the application open to public? what's the requirements? thxs...
  14. according to the SA, it would not clog the pores at minimize the pores so that it would not be visible. Currently, I'm using the Sheer colour Tinted Moisturizer spf 15. The illuminating tinted moisturizer is kinda oily and the glow that it brings might also brings the effect of "oily-ness". If your face is not the oily type maybe you can try to go for that?
  15. the sale was like craze. couldn't even get the chance to look at the clothes. Most of the things there were sold out. Tried biotherm's counter.. biopur sold out not even a single left. in jus one day. craze man! i wonder isit the same with isetan, the gardens
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