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  1. My Journey & My Story To Clear Skin Hi everyone, my face used to have a lot of breakouts, blemishes and feel oily most of the time. I tried many acne products on the market but still didn't work out for me. Every time i looked myself on the mirror, i feel like peeling my skin off (frustrated). When i leaving my house, i will use concealer to cover up and at least is not that visible. Seriously, its really embarrassing when i meet up with people. Not long ago, i saw a facebook advertisement from Marise skin care Wonder pimple lotion. I'm kinda curious about it, so i check it out. After i gone through it, it seem like OK and just try it out! So i bought my first bottle of Wonder pimple lotion. After that, I received a follow up call from them by providing a FREE Skin Review by their skin care professional advised me on my skin care routine and solving my skin problems. Seriously, That was something & i never had it before. I consistently using it everyday for at like 3-4 times a day because i definitely want to see the result. In just 2 weeks, i see the tremendous improvement. I was so happy, there is this Wonder lotion really work so wonder? Even my friends was shocked and i recommend them. Btw, i'm still using at the moment and hope anyone out there who suffering from acne or pimples problem. Just give it a try, you won't regret it. After using for just 2 weeks, my skin become clean and clearer. Thanks Marise WONDER pimple lotion, my pimple becoming less and smaller than the past. Thank you Wonder Pimple Lotion Cheers, Have a look: http://mariseskincare.com/
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