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  1. I own a MbyMJ bag and its quality is great although of course not comparable to the Marc Jacobs collection line. The Stam bag is under the Collection line. As for the Faridah bag, its a great hobo that can tote quite a bit. Marc Jacobs is cheapest here in the US and yes, he's an American designer. When the bags go on sale here in the high-end dept store, one can always score his bags for a great deal.
  2. Among all the choices listed above, I picked Marc Jacobs because I like his designs the most. However, I would be willing to fork out the dough for Miu Miu, Chanel as well as Bottega Veneta. There are certain qualities in Miu Miu that I like and the soft sumptious leather is one of the reason. Also, I prefer understated bags and Miu Miu doesn't have logos plastered all over it. For Marc Jacobs, his funky yet classic designs with vibrant colors seals the deal. Similarly, understated without logos plastered and some of the chunky zippers are actually a nice subtle statement. Chanel is always a classic with its quilting but ironically the ones I like are more modern and fashion forward say the Baby Coco Cabas that's no longer in production and the Paris Biarritz Shopping tote. Bottega Veneta like Chanel, is a great classic with its intricate details on weaving and the soft sumptuous leather is just divine as the bag gets softer with every wear.
  3. Here's mine to kick-off the month of August. Outfit for shopping: Eyelet dress from Singapore Swatch watch Marc Jacobs Little Stam bag Faux snakeskin sandals from Bali
  4. Thanks for the compliment! I'm currently in the US, hence all my H&M items are purchased here.
  5. In comparison to M'sia, prices for LV is cheaper here in the US taking into consideration the currency exchange. However, pls bear in mind that there will be taxes that is not reflected in the retail price as the tax varies by state.
  6. The two shops that sells preloved branded bags in Plaza Damas is Scoop and the Attic. If you do a search, you should be able to find details on it. I've previously posted on this before. Also, rosyna, kindly avoid duplicate threads.
  7. Saturday Lunch Outfit: H&M sleeveless top H&M black cuff shorts Banana Republic espadrille flats Marc Jacobs flat case
  8. Yes, I agree not everyone is rich and can afford designer items. To answer your question if it is against the law, my personal take on it is yes. For counterfeit items, the designer may bring the manufacturer to court and more often than not the designer wins the the case because the manufacturer are illegally producing their items without consent. Therefore it is against the law. Recently, LVMH the parent company that owns LV, Marc Jacobs and a slew of other designer/luxury brand companies brought Ebay to court and they won their case. They sued Ebay for allowing people to sell counterfeit items. If you can't afford it, don't buy it and don't purchase counterfeits either. Read my original post again for the reasons why.
  9. Here's mine for today. Out to view an exhibit at the Art Gallery. H&M black/white striped tank H&M black vest H&M black cuffed shorts H&M long gold chain Swatch watch BV medium Veneta Faux snakeskin sandals from Bali
  10. First of all, which website did you purchase the bag from? Also, there is never an "authenticity" card given with LV items. Usually you'll have two small tags - one tag says the materials, and the other tag has the name of the bag and a stock code. The date code of your bag though translates to Made in France on the 11th week of 2007 but I'm doubtful about the authenticity of your bag. :s
  11. Thanks! I love it to death & wouldn't part with it! Thanks for the compliment. Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I'm quite the fan of MJ esp his bags. Have yet to acquire any of his shoes or clothes just YET.
  12. Thanks for the compliment. It's Marc by Marc Jacobs and I got it on sale for a little more than 50% off. I believe I bought the last one in the system too. Totally lucked out although there are some minor imperfections on it.
  13. Went for a job interview this morning. Esprit short sleeve dress shirt Gap skinny scarf Benetton black A-line skirt Marc Jacobs N/S tote Swatch watch
  14. I like the Campana and am undecided on the Veneta but at some point when I can afford it would like to own a medium one in black. That would be the perfect black bag. Medium Campana Medium Veneta
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