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  1. You are correct Emma. In my case my hairdresser trimmed all the split ends FIRST before I started using the Pro-naturals hair repair system. For hair damage due to colouring it might be advisable to speak to a qualified hairdresser first.
  2. You are so right for my skin I have been using Monsia Skincare since 2013 & massage argan oil to my neck area every night & it has helped to keep that area smooth and without any lines or loose skin. For my hair I still use Pro-naturals which also has argan oil & my hair although still white is thick & healthy w/o split ends.
  3. I googled "does hard water damage hair" and it might be worthwhile taking a read through the page. Here in the UK most hairdressers tell us not to wash our hair daily because it strips the hair of natural oils. I tend to wash my hair every 4th day and I use Optima Tea Tree shampoo & conditioner or Pro-naturals shampoo & conditioner. Once every 2 weeks I also use the Pro-naturals Moroccan argan oil hair mask and after each shampoo/conditioner I always apply the Pro-naturals Moroccan argan oil (this is a great heat protectant) to the ends & partway up the hair, leave my hair to air dry before curling under my fringe, lift the crown and curl under the rest of my hair using my Karmin G3 Salon Pro Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush, absolutely no damage to hair or hair loss. If the water is "hard" I think you may be able to purchase a filter to attach to the shower head and this might help, apart from this I have nothing else to suggest but if anything I have mentioned helps please let me know.
  4. Unfortunately you are too far away even for me here in the UK and the other MYB babes, I see you are based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi???
  5. I'm bumping this thread just in case anyone out there is having a similar problem, read the link & I hope it helps increase melanin
  6. Got to bump this post I would like to ask you why not?
  7. I thought this might help you ladies & guys, have a read and decide for yourself. vit E oil I rub this on to my scalp once a week & leave it in overnight and wash my hair the next morning but I ALWAYS put Pro-naturals Moroccan argan oil to my damp hair before blow drying and/or heat styling. My hair is fairly thick, Asian, white/grey and I see around 4-5 strands only in my brush most mornings. I hope this helps all of you.
  8. MyraF

    Coarse hair, help!

    Snowball, my hair is Asian, coarse, fairly thick white with a few strands of grey and short but it got severely damaged when I underwent 15 sessions of radiotherapy. Apparently it doesn't normally affect the hair but for some reason the machine chose me to prove that it can. My hairdresser cut about 2" off all over and then told me to get this which I did and after about 4 months following the suggested regime it was back to smooth, very shiny and no frizz or split ends, thank goodness! Hope it helps ladies. Your friend should read up about argan oil, it is amazing. I also use this heat protectant before I blow dry & heat style my hair.
  9. MyraF

    Coarse hair, help!

    Got to ask this question - why have you guys stopped posting around 2004, how about I bump this topic and everyone start posting again - good idea or not?????
  10. You stopped posting - did your BF finish his course and is he now your husband??? Please finish story!
  11. Yes I have and maybe you should look at alternate source that might be cheaper for you. The argan oil that I use is from Pro-naturals, I use it mainly for my hair.
  12. I only use dry shampoo if I have to go somewhere & my hair feels/looks greasy. I got to admit that I just use talcum powder and NO it is not as good as washing your hair with shampoo & water.
  13. I love my Karmin Salon Series hair straightener - professional standard (my hairdresser introduced me to this brand. I have very strong Asian hair, white & grey, very straight and short and what I love about the Salon Series is that it allows me to curl my hair in big loose curls, or just curl the ends under and keep the length simply smooth so I end up with a Japanese doll look. Remember always to use a heat protectant. I use either the Karmin Heat Protection & Shining Spray with argan oil - I spray on my palm and apply to mainly the ends of damp hair and up length of hair but I keep clear of the roots, I apply the Pro-naturals Moroccan argan oil leave in treatment in a very similar way. A little goes a long way.
  14. I don't know whether or not all the above have worked but here is what has worked for my hubby :Vit e oil and my Indian friends have been rubbing fresh ginger onto their husband's scalps and they say it seems to be working.
  15. I have normal skin, but ancient. If I wear makeup at all then I first use my Monsia Skincare cleanser and follow it with the Tea Tree Skin Clearing facial wash then the Monsia Skincare daily protection & toner lotion and for the day I use the Monsia Skincare day moisturizer with SPF15 and in the evening after cleansing & toning as above I use the Monsia Skincare intense night repair cream and I also apply vit E oil especially to neck, forehead and around eyes to seal in the moisture because the air is very dry here in the UK during the winter months because of the central heating!
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