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  1. its okay la, for me its worth it for the features u can just add it to your wish list hehe no I buy at normal price cz I really wanna invest in a quality hair dryer, and I think this Panasonic one is really worth it 😊
  2. there is!! I'm using Panasonic, its the na-98,, superrr cool bcs the hair dryer uses nano technology thingy where water particles can come out frm it when you dry your hair, so it doesn't get damaged from the heat 🥰 loooooving it so far bcs it has three modes, hair scalp n face... so after I dry my hair, I would switch it to the skin mode and cool air would come out from it, feels great! https://www.lazada.com.my/products/panasonic-eh-na98-1800w-hair-dryer-nanoe-na98-eh-na98-k655-i802964622-s1872288308.html?spm=a2o4k.10415192.0.0.5cd146c5I2TdNR&mp=3 here's the link if u wanna know more abt it maybe u should just buy a facial steamer, better yet just buy the hair dryer tht have cool air coming out like mine... a hand fan only kipas the air surrounding u, it doesn't give out actual water for moisture hihi
  3. oh, then I think you really need to take extra care of your hair and skin, esp on that area u hv psoriasis try using oil instead of moisturisers, bcs they're thicker, and I highly suggest u buy a hairdryer like mine that has water particles in it, so it can moisten that area on your face
  4. got la but sooo freaking expensive, ive surveyed it before and its around RM18 or RM13k like that, (yikes) that's why I bought the Panasonic one coz only less than RM10k, same alkaline water but way cheaper the burping thing I can relate 🤣 hope you'll find these suggestions beneficial for your bloating!! yess! the tea flavor taste better, and its less bitter... u should really try it out 😊
  5. maybe ur skin is just dry...bcs weather is hot now it could just be because of tht
  6. ive been drinking it for about a year already, and I do feel that the bloating is lesser this days... for days when I feel more bloated than usually I will choose the alkaline water with the higher pH level ginger tea is great, u should try using alkaline water to make the tea..i read it increases antioxidant and makes the tea taste better https://www.lifeionizers.com/blog/alkaline-water-tea-study/#:~:text=Alkaline water preserves the antioxidant potential of tea.,keep longer than tea made with plain water.
  7. Mine is the TKAS45-ZMA... really nice la cz got 3 levels of alkaline and 1 level of acidic water..I still live with my folks and they bought it bcs they wanted to maintain good health and they read abt the benefits of alkaline water. I find it really convenient for me too, cz of my acid reflux
  8. girlll, why all the hassle? please buy a water filter its way easier for you!! 😂😁 the Panasonic water filter I have at home is super convenient, coz its joint to my sink pipe...no need to carry 18L water 😆
  9. hm,im no doctor to diagnose but it does sound like symptoms of acid reflux..do try to eat more probiotics like yogurt as ive mentioned. do you have alkaline water at home? Cz ive been drinking it a lot since I read it helps with reflux and bloating problems...on days when my reflux is attacking me, I boost my level of alkaline water intake and I do notice a significant difference than just drinking normal ph water
  10. yep, I often have stomach problems too like diarrhea and such. my dr tell me my stomachs is weak..even when I take care of my diet oso still feel bloated sometimes, I always prepare Gaviscon wherever I go you should maybe try la eating food like yogurt, since it contains a lot of good probiotics for your digestive tract..
  11. zhiwei

    hm bad news

    to me its not a right decision to buy at the hypermarket. last time i buy at hypermarket, my car need to do overhaul. hmm online shop? to me oso cannot being trusted.. nowadays theres lot of news about counterfeit engine oil which is buy through online. lots of issues. some of them said that the engine oil packaging damage, no qr code, adding water in the engine oil. hm really cannot being trusted.
  12. zhiwei

    hm bad news

    Semi synthetic oils are cheaper than fully synthetic because it contains a mixture of synthetic and mineral oil. if buy directly in shell is better because the authenticity is confirmed how regular should we service our engine? it depends on car or what
  13. zhiwei

    hm bad news

    what about shell? have you ever tried shell oil before? easy to recognize original oil based on the bar code or qr code on the bottle
  14. zhiwei

    hm bad news

    why do you have to overhaul your car? did you not service your engine regularly?
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