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  1. jialing

    hm bad news

    hi gaiss.. iolls wanna share a story.. Hari Raya Aidilfitri for muslims is around the corner.. soo now every place make a hariraya sale promotion.. then last week i have buy an engine oil at one of hypermarket... bcs i'm the type of sacrifice shopping more to ootd raya then engine oil . hahahha well raya must look fabulous la.. then you wanna knows what happened to my car? .hm i have to overhaull my carrrrrr.. soo sad! any idea to suggest me what type and brand of engine oil should i useeeee........?
  2. now only i know viking has lower price, i tot viking also high price last time, because my colleague using viking also for her nissan almera.
  3. premium tyres price very high. any idea how can i save cost on buying tyres? whether i should buy a 2nd hand tyres or any cheaper tyres can recommend?
  4. 冷气的话我是用着York 有节能和净化空气功能的, 我觉得我家那架不错,你可以去店里问看看.
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