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  1. 你们比较喜欢凉水还是汽水啊? 我就比较喜欢妈妈煲的糖水,妈妈也会讲自己煲的最好 哈哈哈哈 汽水少喝为妙
  2. Ya I heard it last week, my friends ask me to join together..seems like quite easy, just need to answer question only but not sure the question difficult or not Saw it on facebook article many time, but feel that will not last long doing this exercise..hahaha.. lazy person only will become fat fat fat
  3. ya! must go for electric shop survey first as we not much of knowledge on it, easily get cheat or confuse But i will recommend beko also, their fridge is faster cooling than other brands so it can keep the fruits and vege stay fresh
  4. I think the reward is depend on which bank that you apply, so different credit card with different privileges also For me, I mostly use the ambank bonuslink card for online shopping or make the transactions any payment can be done at home, quite convenience
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