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  1. Ok, thank sis.. Just got my new fridge ytd... Got recommended Beko from my hubby's friends... Kind of love that fridge... Look nice... Size quite big and pricing a bit kaw, but since it provides 12 years warranty... I am fine with it, think it shud be durable as they dare to offer that long warranty... Really love the design, so no choice hv to pick it.. Once again, thks for all the inputs
  2. Hi guys, sorry for asking late. Any other store recommendation for fridge other than paying installment with courts ?? If possible please recommend me the brand as well. Appreciate for every input. Coz going to replace my old fridge before Raya. Afraid that later Raya very peak and they will delay my delivery or the shop close during Raya. Need it urgently though.
  3. 可以试下york。。 inverter蛮省电的。而且不会说因为省电就不冷哦。 家具我通常都是看到合眼舒服的就买,因为不是电器所以没有那么注重牌子。
  4. i'm still using Android.... no bad too ,a lot nice plan for android also . iphon 7 & 7S also very nice... you can try if you interest in IOS. sign a cheap plan and get it direct.