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  1. 就是说!雪梨海底椰,竹蔗马蹄都有 都是蛮滋润 清热的,就不需要在过年忙东忙西的时候特地煲,方便很多 不要说过年才要补,平时也不可以忽略 如果可以mix口味6支就更好不过,每个口味都可以喝 包装水是没有很好,所以要选就选最好的,过年美眉都怕吃太多煎炸的会容易发胖 鸿福堂应该也就蛮适合他们吧,少甜 无色素 防腐剂这些 喝了也比较放心 不是吗
  2. 真幸福 还有妈妈煲的糖水,我喝糖 + 水就算很好了。出来租房的,想喝都是买现成的,煲太多自己又喝不完。 鸿福堂 加多宝 现在将多选择了。
  3. Agreed. Because its just the so call feel of the car... sometimes its could be decided just by the service that station provide that makes you feel more confortable with that station dont you think so?
  4. Everyone has their own pref on which to go.. would like to know why did you choose that station to pump... Would like to decide which should i go to also. thx
  5. that is quite cheap and useful, but too bad for me, i more prefer use spotify, i dont see the app in that list
  6. recently after the note 7, i feel disappointed on samsung, was waiting on the note 7, haiz. But end up i try iphone 7, wow, really amazing and cool. especially the touch ID and 3d touch
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