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  1. sureee, here's a link to their shopee acc https://shopee.com.my/Panasonic-EH-NA98-NANOE-HAIR-DRYER-MOISTURE-EH-NA98-K655-i.62541355.4917074188 can keep updated for future promo. last time have for 11.11 sale ☺️ so maybe they'll hv a 2.2 sale
  2. hair dryer how hard to use...heheh especially the na98 its colour so nice, bcs its my faveee pink 🥰 ..that apart its not just benefitial for hair le got 3 functions : hot n cold lo the basic thennnn scalp n skin.. electrical shop got but i prefer to buy from online shopee sometimes got like coins rewards or discount
  3. yes this hair dryer is suitable for any hair type. It has some tech that can tell how dry ur hair is i think then it will adjust the heat
  4. yes but i prefer use hair dryer Panasonic na98 because it has various button to control the heat while drying the hair. Thus, the hair wont get hot easily
  5. this might be one of the cause. so i think if the hair is too thick, we need to comb and make it has air flow a bit while drying the hair
  6. maybe because is very famous brand and the reason the price is that steep. The function i think local also have similar with its is good to use sesame oil also. It is also one of the natural products to moisturize the hair. For me, i use virgin coconut oil
  7. Cute Jun

    hm bad news

    yes thats why better change engine oil by yourself. it's easy you can just google it if buy directly from shell got discount? wow that's amazing
  8. Cute Jun

    hm bad news

    i use shell helix hx8 for my car... and i think it's better than any other brands ive used Shell helix ultra is the old type engine oil of shell . now try using shell helix hx8 new oil from shell. it's quite popular because of the quality is good improvement on my car engine oil ! fully engine oil is quite pricey, if low budget can also use sem engine oil.
  9. Cute Jun

    hm bad news

    yeah shell helix hx8 is the latest oil and makes your engine performs better depends on your milleage and quality of engine oil you used. try use shell helix hx8. it makes engine feels as light as a feather on the road
  10. Cute Jun

    hm bad news

    is it good? why i never heard about it before online shop sometimes not really trusted. i am afraid of buying fake oil because i dont know how to recognize ori oil yeah you need to service your engine for maintenance. if not the engine must be replaced like this la
  11. Cute Jun

    hm bad news

    overhaul is so expensive mehh nowadays.. sorry to hear that
  12. what is shampoo bawang... wh i never heard before...such a funny name of shampoo....after use it will cry is it
  13. 其实也好 凉茶也好。。。冰冻的最好喝了 虽然每次 来那个都会有些难受 可是我还是很喜欢和 冷饮 不过也要控制 不可以太过了 不然糖尿病就来了 现在外面的凉茶 其实都是加很多糖的,真的想喝都难找啊
  14. went to workshop and tell them your budget . then they will recomend to you which type of tyre you can go no need to trouble on this la, make sure ever few month go and check and 3-4 years change it new tyre.
  15. noted bae, i will buy the ticket to watch this. love to those story related to teacher . yeah , jst watch it . hope if there is something good for the coming merdeka week . agreedddd......lucky i din't watch it yet bad friend .....shouldn't bring your friend along...
  16. any of you still no yet watch it? this is really turn me on after finish watching it, the actor is really cool and well trained. btw, any movie recommend for the coming few weeks?
  17. cc is no good..better u use a debit card..if u use credit card u will facing high commitment especially went to pay it. if u looking cc that offers many privileges I think most bank just offer quite similar.
  18. 其实修车和accessories这些东西最好是有熟人帮你弄 不然真的会被砍 之前试过弄一些小东西都要几百 结果问朋友才那百多就搞定了 通常我老公都是换condinental的 所以驾车的时候 车会比较静一点 刹车也比较好 不过价钱会比较贵 我的model一条要接近200 安装另外算。 可是一分钱一分货,安全最重要。
  19. haha ...wher have 7s, is 7+ using adroind many years...all friend around is IOS....that make me feel want to change too....and this i phone 7....really nice and beautiful i don think i will get it....i contract to it be4....no satisfy the services few of my friend is first gold....no bad..
  20. T_T ....my Note 2 just die.....can't turn on at all....planning to get a new phone ... which brand which model you all recommend....screen bigger is nice...
  21. 陪月婆真的要很小心去找。。。竟然还有人不支持母乳 这样怎么能做陪月婆啊
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